Sunshine Yarns Harry Potter Sock Club

I love swaps. I really love them. I haven’t joined too many, though…well, not until now. I am doing another round of the Wee Tiny Sock Swap (Summer Fun is the theme). I did my sock last night. It is made from Plymouth Sockotta. I think it looks like a summer sky!

I opened up Round 2 of the Reducio Sock swap. I had to use two angels for the last round, so I made a few small changes to prevent the problem I had last time (I hope). Only one person is still waiting for her package, but I know it was sent on Friday. I know she is taken care of! There is also another change. This time there will be two knitted mini-items (one sock and one mini-item of the knitter’s choice). One must be in house colors and the other in a “character inspired” color (not necessarily a HP specific yarn…any yarn that reminds the knitter of a character). It should be lots of fun!

I sent each of the angels a little something special. I also sent one of the swappers something special (she managed to have the two flakers as her upstream and her downstream…no package and no thank you). For the first angel, I sent a bit of chocolate, some Soak, and two mini-skeins of yarn in Ravenclaw colors (the Trekking). For the other angel, I sent chocolate, some owl stitch markers, and an owl I made (more on that in a minute). For the swapper who really needed a bit of extra spoiling, I also sent owl stitch markers.

About the owl, I designed him myself. I looked at about a million patterns, but didn’t really love any of them. I decided to wing it (no pun intended…who am I kidding? Of course it was intended). It came out so cute. I also think that without the beak and eyes, it looks a bit like a snitch (done in the right color it would…maybe with wings that are a bit bigger)!It is about an inch and a half tall. I love it! Of course, that may be because it is tiny and I do have a thing for knitting tiny things! I will post how I made him in another post (tomorrow or Thursday).

I also joined three more swaps. The SP12 swap (as evidenced by the questionnaire post) is one. The other is the Sock Yarn From Your Stash swap! Both should be fun! I will post more about those as they get started! I also joined another scrap swap on the Blankie Mania group! I am going to be winding little yarn balls over the next few days to swap!

In other exciting news, I got the latest installment (spoiler pics) of the Harry Potter Sock Yarn Club! It is fantastic! I am deciding what to knit with it. I am probably going to use it in the next Reducio Swap!


I got two more little balls of scrap yarn in the mail yesterday! I traded my leftovers of Lorna’s for them. These are from the stash of ncreely on Ravelry. On the left is some ONLine yarn (not sure about the colorway). On the right is some Lion Brand Magic Stripes. Of course, they became blocks almost immediately!

Blocks 1 and 3 are from the same ball. You can’t tell. They came out completely different! They are from the OnLine ball. Block 1 is almost all blue, white, and cream. There is just a tiny bit of orange at the top that shows that it is from the same ball. Block 3 is orange, blue, turquoise, and purple. After the purple, it would have switched back to the blue and white! It would make a strange sock with those color combos, but really cool blocks! I have about 2 yards of this yarn left (all the blue and white). I may use it as a partial block later in the blanket. Block 2 is from the Magic Stripes. There is enough for another block. I will use it later in the blanket because the block won’t look the same. The next stripe would have been blue. Both were pretty fun to knit up.

Tonight I am going to tackle the helix stripe mini-sock in Ravenclaw colors. I will post about how the experiment goes. If it looks really neat, I may do bigger socks for either me or DH the same way later. After I finish DH’s giant socks of doom, I am going to make myself some Monkeys out of the April Nefarious yarn.

I ordered my Mother’s Day gift yesterday too! It is the Sunshine Yarns Harry Potter Sock Club! DH asked me what I wanted to get for Mother’s Day. I told him I was thinking about it. He told me to go ahead and do it!