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My poor sock yarn blankie got neglected for a few weeks.  I was focused on Zack’s birthday stuff, so I put it aside. Now that that is done, I have picked it back up. It is the perfect instant gratification project combined with mindless knitting.  Since I still haven’t been able to focus much this week, it has been my meditation knitting.  I managed to do three blocks (bringing the total to 111 blocks).


The block on the left is the first block.  It is ShiBui Sock in the Zinnia colorway.  This yarn has been discontinued. It is one of my “time capsule” blocks. I got the yarn in a Blankie Mania swap many years ago. I love the colorway. It is very spring and floral!  The second block is on the right. It is purples, pinks, greys, and a touch of black.  It is Panda by StitchJones in the Umeda colorway.  I believe that this was a hand dye, but I can find no shop or anything on Ravelry.  I got this yarn in the same swap.


The last little block is the pretty blue, purple, yellow, and red block. This is Plymouth Happy Feet in color 7.  The color is so pretty!  I got this in the same swap that I got the others.  These three little blocks have been great therapy for me this past week!


Some of the progress on my blankie is progress you can’t see.  I spent time this week winding little mini skeins into tiny center pull balls. I had a bunch of mini skeins from a swap back in 2009 or 2010 (a long time ago either way). I hadn’t wound them.  Now that I have been working through my jar that contains the balls ready to be knit into wee blocks, I decided it looked too empty.  So, I wound a bunch. The problem is that I love them all and can never decide what should go in the jar and what should go in the project bag to be knit with next!  I keep around 10 little balls in the bag and reach in blindly to pull a new one. Then I decide where it will look best on the row that I am working on.  Next week, I am going to try to get pictures of all the storage for my mini skeins and balls for the sock yarn blankie. Until then, I did finish two blocks this week.

2015-04-21 20.44.05-1

I don’t know any of the information on either of these yarns. I got them in a trade a long time ago.  Block 1 is purple and red and green and blue. It is so lovely.  I tried a number of times to get a picture that picked up all of the colors, but it was impossible. The color changes were super short and blended together in places.  It made for a really fun yarn to knit.  It is beautiful, but in person it is even more so.

Block 2 is blues and greens and pinks and purples.  It reminds me a bit of the Winterberry colorway on the cotton yarn that my mother-in-law really loves.  Again, I could not get my camera to pick the yarn color up.  I was taking these photos at night using my Ott light, but the color changes are so subtle.

My block total is up to 108. Since the last week was spent mostly on the ripple blankie or winding yarn, I should have more to show next week!

My blankie has grown to 105 this week! In addition to taking my husband’s socks on vacation, I also took the blankie.  Here are the blocks that were completed this week:

2015-04-07 18.45.16

First up is a pretty sunrise colored block.  It is oranges and yellows. It is actually a bit darker than it is showing up here.  It reminds me of popsicles in the summer!  This was some of the yarn from that recent swap.

2015-04-07 18.45.39

There are two blocks in this picture. The first is reading as a grey. It is actually a grey green color and a grey purple color. It reminds me of a slightly mossy rock. It is also super soft.  I suspect there may be some silk. This was another yarn that I got in the swap.  Next to it is a blue and green block.  I am also not sure what this yarn is. I got it in a Blankie Mania swap a long time ago. It was unmarked.

2015-04-07 18.45.52

The last two blocks are pictured above.  The purple/orange one is from the recent swap. It is unmarked. This yarn is really neat.  Each color had little nubs of other colors spun into it.  It felt like a handspun yarn.  The color is darker than it appears in the picture.  The last block is next to it. It started brown, then purple, then green, then yellow, then green, then blue, then green again. It is really a neat progression.  This was yarn I got in a Blankie Mania swap a long time ago, so it is also unmarked. Basically, this week, I only knit with mystery yarns!

2015-04-06 20.00.12-1

Now, on to my exciting Etsy purchase!  I got a mini-skein set from Mint Rain Hand Dyed Yarns.  I discovered Mint Rain when the store was featured on the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast (one of my favorites).  Looking through the store, I knew I had to have a few of her mini-skeins.  The mini-skeins are so cute. They also came with some googly eye stickers and a piece of candy!  The yarns are not marked with a colorway name.  The one closest to the goodies looks like sock monkey colors!  It is one of my favorites. I believe the next one is the Jayne colorway. It reminds me a bit of Gryffindor colors.  The next one is a Christmas red and Christmas green.  After that is some on a Tofootsie base in a spring green and white.  The last one I think is the Batman colorway (although it has a bit more white).  I am going to try to ball these up and make a few squares this week!

I have added three more blocks!  The first reminds me of ice cream. I got it in a trade with someone back in 2009, so I no longer remember what yarn this is.  I do like it though!

2015-03-24 19.03.46-1

The second block is another from back in 2009. I don’t know what yarn this is, but it reminds me of the desert sky.  It is sort of grays and blues with a bit of pink.  The ice cream colored block right below and to the right of it is not the same yarn as the photo above. It looks like it in the photos, but it is two completely different yarns. The one above has additional color repeats which I didn’t use. The one below has only the three colors in the yarn.  The yellows are really different in person too.

2015-03-24 19.03.53

The final block I added is a really pretty, tonal red.  It reads as a tomato soup orange red, but up close there are a lot of different tones.  This is one that a swap pal sent me back in 2009. Again, I no longer know what yarn this is.

2015-03-24 19.42.28-1

I forgot to mention one block from last week.  It is yarn from The Accidental Knitter.  The colorway is Pretty Feet. I always knew that I couldn’t wear it as socks, so I made it into a cute baby dress for a friend.  I also love it as a block in my blankie!

2015-03-24 19.03.38-1

I am really excited that I am going to be getting some more scraps from other knitters. When I bought the yellow for my Temperature scarf, I had to buy it in packages with 8 colors. I bought several packages, so I have a ton of the bonbons in those other 7 colors. I am trading those spares for other scraps on Ravelry (see original posts here and here).  I can’t wait to see what scraps arrive. It is a total surprise!

Progress as of 1/5/11 (75 blocks)

I have reached a Wee Block milestone: 75 blocks!  It is very exciting!  It is getting harder to take photos of the whole blanket.  It was neglected for a long time, but has been charming me lately. I love that it is instant gratification, and means new yarns each time I pick it up.

So, now for the little update on a few of the blocks.  First up is a really big block. It is made out of the leftover yarn from the scarf I made for my niece Shay.  The yarn is Zitron Trekking (XXL).

Yarn from Shay's scarf Next is a yarn that I got in a swap.  The green “camo” yarn.  In one of the Flat Rate Box Swaps, I got a neat project bag crocheted out of this yarn.  The extra was included in the box.  I had to make a square with it.
Yarn from swap partner

The pink and grey yarn is the next special block.  I used it to make a scarf for Aliesha.  The yarn is Spritely Goods Sylph in the Arizona Ironwood colorway.  I loved the scarf, so knitting the block was a fun chance to relive it a bit!
Yarn from Aliesha's scarf

The last picture has two special blocks.  The brightly colored block under the purple block is from the scarf I made for my niece Delani.  I dyed the yarn with Easter Egg dye.  The purple block is also special.  Why?  It is the 75th block!!  I have no idea what yarn this is. It came from a swap on the Blankie Mania board.
75th block and hand dyed blockNow that I have my pretty jar, I have been picking up this blankie more.  The pretty yarn in the jar is just too tempting to resist!!  There will be more updates with that jar there to constantly tempt me to knit a block!

It has been a long time since I have done a Wee Block Wednesday. I really put the sock blankie aside for a while (that is the beauty of that project…no deadlines).  I have started working on it again.  It now 58 has squares (only 57 are pictured…I did another one last night).

Here is a summary of the new ones:

1. This is the yarn from my Raphael Monkeys.

2. This is the yarn from my Reducio Pal. She dyed it herself and won an award on the socks she knitted with it.

3. This is the yarn that I got from my Sock Yarn from Stash Swap Pal.  I traded the rest of the yarn in the Easter one skein swap.

4. This is some of the yarn I got in the Easter one skein swap.

5. This is yarn from one of the swaps from the BlankieMania group. I am not sure what it is.

6. This is also yarn from a swap from the Blankie Mania group. I am not sure what it is.

7. This another yarn from a swap from the Blankie Mania group. I am not sure what it is.

I am going to be adding a random bigger square in there. I wasn’t going to add any bigger squares at all, but I have a yarn that demands it.  Who am I to go against the will of a yarn?

 Christmas is for sharing, so LB and I did some sharing.  We put our yarn scraps out for the birds.  LB loved hanging the scraps out. He was even more excited when a bird came and took one shortly after hanging them.

I got to do a little knitting today too.  I have been working on my Raphael Monkeys.  They are coming along nicely. I am almost to the heel on the second sock. I should have them done fairly soon.  I can’t wait to wear them. DH has been wearing the socks I knitted for him, and I have been jealous.

I also got to knit another square on my blankie. It is a big milestone!  My blankie now has 50 squares!!  Here is what 50 squares looks like!

Here are some close ups with the explanation of the individual blocks.

 The pastel block on the far left, top row and all of the second row blocks that are visible are scraps from swaps and my Sock Yarn from Stash Pal.  The yellow and pink block  and the purple/teal/tan block are from my SP12 pal.  The purple/teal/tan block is Happy Feet.  The yellow and pink is Regia. The block at the left edge, third row (out of this picture, see photo to the right and down) is from the same Regia scraps.  It looks so different, I was able to put it really close.   The lavendar-grey block is Sundara yarn in Lenten Rose.  The color variations don’t photograph very well, but it is really pretty yarn!

The second photo shows the close up of the other Regia square.  It also has a square with a duplicate.  The green and blue square in the third row and the pink and red square in the second row (see photo above…almost all the way to the right of that photo) are from the same small skein.  The brown square in the second row is from my monkey socks.  It is not machine washable (it has some silk content). I really debated adding it to the blanket.  Ultimately I decided that I wanted it in the blanket so much that I am willing to handwash the thing (I envision washing it in my tub).

Well, now Christmas is nearly over. I am a bit sad that I didn’t get to give more hand knitted gifts.  This year, I am going to try to knit things all year and set them aside.  The end of the year is a bad time to try to cram it all in. We will see how it goes.  Over the next week or so I am going to set up a plan with little goals for the year. It will make it easier to actually do such a thing.

I hope everyone had a really Merry Christmas!

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