There is nothing like Easter at the beach! We had really lovely weather.


Easter weekend is the lovely like colored stripe that represents temperatures in the high 70s! The kids got to do the usual outdoors Easter egg hunt! Before Sunday, we got in a bit of beach time! We did have a bit of rain, but we used the time to decorate eggs.


We came back home to temperatures in the low 80s yesterday, so still lovely. Today was warmer. This week we are supposed to break into the 90s! I am only excited because it means adding a new color!

Azaleas in their glory

Azaleas in their glory

1. The azaleas that are planted near my office are starting to die. Most of the azaleas around town still look great. I am a little sad at how short lived they were in the place that I see them most.

Lorepetulum in bloom

Lorepetulum in bloom

2. My lorepetulum around my house is crazy full of blooms!  You can’t even see leaves until you get close because there are so many flowers!  I love how pretty they look.

3. I have been in court for two straight days. I am finally back in my office, but my brain is fried.  It is really beautiful outside (another yellow stripe for my scarf), and I am tempted to take my laptop outside to work!  I wonder if anyone would notice.  I just love spring!

Boys at Lake sherdI just got back from a really wonderful vacation in Wyoming.  Every other year, my family has a family reunion in Wyoming.  The first week was spent at that reunion.  The second week was spent just hanging out with my parents, siblings, nieces, and nephew.  We had a great time.  This is a picture of my boys on our hike to Lake Sherd.

I wore my shawl a lot because the weather was cold.  I also got a lot of crafting done.  I got quite a bit done on my CNE (Christmas n Easter) Scarf for my niece.  I also made three bath puffs while there. I taught my mom how to make them (she taught me to crochet, but I had to teach her all the stitches as she had forgotten).  There are not pictures of the knitting or crochet because I was too busy to get out the camera.

When we got home, DH, both kids and I all had a cold that we got from my brother and his kids.  The kids have a very mild sore throat and cough (although Vicks on their feet one night seems to have gotten rid of their cough). DH and I have serious sore throats, runny noses, terrible coughs, chills, aches, ear aches, etc.  I also got pink eye. CB had it while we were in Wyoming. He got better immediately.  My eye doctor has warned me that I will likely be fighting it for at least a month.

As a result, my return home was not happy.  Fortunately, two things greeted me to make me feel better. First, MIL cleaned our whole house for our anniversary (we celebrated our 9th while in Wyoming…where we were married).  She didn’t just clean…she CLEANED (in all caps).  She washed my windows, washed and put away every stitch of clothing in the house, mopped all the floors, washed the bathrooms, cleaned out the fridge and freezer, took out all the trash, washed the baseboards, vacuumed all carpets, washed all throw rugs, etc.  She is really, really awesome. It was better than any gift she could have bought.

The second thing that greeted me and cheered me was my second Flat Rate Box Swap box.  My swap pal is really, really awesome.  The theme this time was a project for you. The idea was to get everything needed for a single project in your pal’s queue.  My pal chose the Chinook Shawl in mine. She got me the Riverstone colorway.  She also got size 8 harmony needle tips.  Also included was the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book (which I have been really, really wanting) and some Louet Euroflax so that I could make something from it.   There are also several mini-skeins for my sock blankie, a crocheted project bag, mini-highlighter, pencils, mini-post-its, a small pen, a mini clip-on calculator, a magnetic tape measure, a mini-digital camera, an album, a stress ball, Goon n Plenty, hand lotion, and a little sheep.  This is truely a remarkable swap package!!  I was so excited.  I love absolutely everything in it.

This is sort of a catch up post. I have had a lot of things on my mind and have done a lot of things, but haven’t had time to post it all. I am just going to put it all in one post.

1. The Sock-it-to-me scarf for my niece is completed. This will be a Christmas present and has gone into the Christmas Present Box.  I got the yarn (Trekking XXL) in a swap. It is not exactly my kind of colorway, but it is perfect for my niece. She is going to go crazy over the scarf!  The yarn was scratchy to knit with, but it softened nicely after blocking.  The pattern is a really easy pattern (from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders). The only thing that I don’t like is that you kitchener the two pieces together. I love doing kitchener stitch. That isn’t the problem. I just don’t like how it looks with this patterned yarn.  I think I should have gone a little farther into the yarn to a solid color. I might have liked it a bit better.

2. DH’s Panopticon Monkeymen socks are coming along.  The pattern is so similar to the Monkey socks, that I had it totally memorized before I finished the first repeat (I am doing the version with purls).  The only difference is yarn overs are replaced by make ones.  I really love the colorway too! It is amazing. The striping is my favorite part. The photo was taken indoors with no flash, so it is blurry.  That is what happens when it gets cold and rainy here…no outdoor photos.  Despite the really bad photo, you can see the cool stripe effect!  The Lorna’s is so soft too.  I really, really love this yarn.  By the way, these socks are knitting up super fast despite being really big!  DH will never get plain, vanilla socks again. Patterned socks are so much more fun and so much quicker!

3. I got to go on a Girl’s Night Out this weekend!!  I went to a bridal shower. Afterwards, several of the girls were going to the movies.  I haven’t seen a movie in a theater since LB was 2 months old. I haven’t been on a girl’s night out since law school (at least 6 1/2 years ago).  I had a blast. We saw Bride Wars.  It was cute.  The best part was hanging out with some girl friends.  I really, really need to do more of that. I have been fairly isolated since moving here after law school. All of my friends have been male or “work friends”.  I didn’t realize how much I missed having girl friends until recently.

4. It is cold.  Admittedly, not the kind of cold that I experienced growing up in Wyoming.  That kind of cold is intolerable!  However, it is cold for Florida.  There was frost on the ground this morning.  Things were frozen (fortunately not our pipes as we ran a tiny bit of water last night).  I hate cold.  That is why I moved to Florida!  I miss it at Christmas time. This weather would have been welcome then (instead it was 80 degrees on Christmas day). I am seriously thinking I need a scarf and some mittens, but I want them now.  Unfortunately, by the time they would be knit, I wouldn’t need them. I am putting knitting a scarf and mittens (or maybe some handwarmers) on my calendar this fall so that I will have them for the next time it gets cold.  Today, I am wearing my first monkey socks.  They are warm. I am sure it is a horrible fashion faux pas as they don’t really match what I am wearing, but I don’t care.  I wanted warm feet. Only handknit wool socks will do when it is cold!

5. My shawl is coming along (although I don’t have new pictures). I finished another repeat last night (7 repeats are done).  The pattern calls for 10, but I am thinking I may want around 15 repeats.  It is so wonderful to work with. The silk content makes the yarn so soft!  The only thing I wish is that my needles were sharper (I am dying for the Harmony options).

6. I am not going to talk about yesterday, other than to say that it was a really terrible day in court.  I really dislike being in front of a certain judge.  Court drags and this judge treats me very badly.  I had court with that judge yesterday.  It sucked.  I couldn’t wait to get home and knit. I handle stress so much better with knitting.  I think I am going to claim a medical necessity and ask to knit in court. If all else fails, I could stab myself in the eye with my needle to make the day less painful (just kidding…although I really think that might be less painful sometimes).

This week has been so busy! I have been swamped at work. I haven’t had any time to knit. I have been so exhausted at night, I can’t seem to concentrate. I have had no time for myself at all.

Since I don’t have much knitting to show for this week (none after the booties), I decided to post a picture taken with my new camera. I love this shot. These are the petunias that LB and I planted in the planters on either side of our front door. They have taken off. You can smell them when you come onto the front porch. My new camera does a good job with close ups like this! The colors are really true!

The only knitting thing that I have been working on is the Reducio Sock Swap. I have been putting together some information and new guidelines for the next swap. I have also been tracking down the few stragglers. I have made contact with all but one person. I will either be contacting an angel or putting together a package to cover that one this weekend. I will most likely just act as the angel for this round, especially since it is just for one person. Other than that, I plan to visit Hanks to spend my gift certificate, relax, and smell the flowers!

The mail lady is my new best friend!! She brought me so much great stuff today…surely she must love me! First up…two skeins of Regia Stretch. It is in blues, grey, and black. Perfect for my boys (or maybe DH…just need to try to figure out how many yards it will take to cover his big old feet). This yarn is soft and stretchy! I can’t wait to work with it.
Next up is some Plymouth Sockotta yarn. It is also in blues (I am the only female in my household…we have lots of blue). This will also become socks for the boys or DH. I got this yarn and the Regia from Ravelry member KnittyMcSnuggler!
Finally, the first installment for the Nefarious Yarn Club arrived! It is the Hannibal Lector colorway (can’t imagine the hits I will get from this one). It is inspired by his leather mask. It has some really cool red flecks (they look shockingly like blood in some places). The base yarn is a Merino/Silk blend. It is so soft. Little Bug immediately said, “Make me socks from this, Mama!” I had to tell him that this yarn wasn’t for him. It will either become socks for me or DH. Probably me. I am not sure he fully appreciates silk. It came with a neat little stitch marker (a Hannibal Lector stitch marker) and a Nefarious Yarn Club sticker. I can’t wait to begin working with this!

BTW-the photos are so true to the colors of the yarn. I can’t say enough good stuff about my new camera!! I can’t wait until Critter starts sleeping again so that I have a bit of energy to play with my camera. I fully planned to play with it this weekend, but I ended up napping with him (we are in “sleep when the baby sleeps because it isn’t often enough” mode right now). He is teething. Poor little critter!

I have been knitting like the wind for the last week or so. I think it is the new Knit Picks needles. I love the slick metal. I knit much faster with them. I have finished several things in very short period of time. First up, the Wee Tiny Sock for my pal, Pischi. This is knit with Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in Buck’s Bar colorway. This is the leftover from my Valentine’s Socks.
I put the quarter in to show scale. The sock is so little and cute! Next up, the socks for Little Bug made out of the Regia. They are a little bit big, but probably won’t be for long. After finishing the first sock, I had LB try it on. I discovered that I had mismeasured. The foot was too short. I knit the second sock, and then went back and frogged the toe of the first and reknit it. I was pretty scared since it was the first time I had pulled something off of the needles and pulled back that far. I didn’t drop any stitches, and you can’t even tell.

I took what was left of that yarn, and I knit a little “sock” for my Zen MP3 player. It only took about two hours. I will post more about it in a day or two. I have been without a camera since the weekend. I decided to sell my camera, and buy a new one. My old camera was a Kodak Easyshare DX6490. I loved it, but I never carried it around. It was big and heavy. It had manual settings, but I never learned to use them. I always said I would, but never had the time. I decided I needed a small camera that I could throw in my purse. I also wanted it to be a simple point and shoot. I decided to get a Canon Powershot SD850 IS Elph. It should be arriving tomorrow. I will then take pictures of the Zen sock.
I also started some Lace Heart Anklets (Ravelry link). I knit the whole first sock. I was getting ready to Kitchener the toe when I decided that I would try it on. It was too small. I checked my gauge. I was getting 10 sts/in with size 1s (2.25 mm). I need to get 8 sts/in. I frogged the whole thing and started over with size 2s. My confession is that I only frogged after asking numerous people their shoe size. If they had fit someone else, I would have just knit the second sock and given them away. I will post pictures of these in progress when I get my new camera.