Etsy purchase


The other day I was scrolling through Etsy, and a few items fell into my cart (as so often happens)! I saw the cutest little gnome stitch marker in the Vintage Rose Shop that I decided I really needed.


I mean, he is just so cute! He was clearly made for me. I didn’t want to pay more in shipping than I had payed for that little cutie, so I scrolled a bit more. I found the cutest little Tardis. Perfect for a swap partner (if I don’t keep it, but it probably will go to my partner….probably).

These stitch markers were adorable! I have a few others on my wish list too! The shipping was fast. I can’t wait to add my little gnome to a project!!


I haven’t done as much on my sock yarn blankie this week. I started really working more on my ripple blankie instead since it is so close to bring done. One evening, I not wound little skeins into little center pull balls, so I am considering that progress! I did add two blocks this week, bringing the total to 107.


The first block is a mustard colored should block. The yarn is from Liisu Yarns in the mustard color way. It is their Leili base which is 75% superwash and 25% mohair. This yarn is fuzzy, but it is hard to see in the picture. This yarn is discontinued. I got it in a Blankie Mania swap a long time ago! This is another time capsule yarn!


The second block was one of the new mini skeins from Mint Rain. The yarn is Katie’s Creations sock yarn. I believe the color way is Jayne. It is 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon. Despite being a pretty standard fiber content, this yarn was surprisingly soft. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to knit with more of her yarn!

My blankie has grown to 105 this week! In addition to taking my husband’s socks on vacation, I also took the blankie.  Here are the blocks that were completed this week:

2015-04-07 18.45.16

First up is a pretty sunrise colored block.  It is oranges and yellows. It is actually a bit darker than it is showing up here.  It reminds me of popsicles in the summer!  This was some of the yarn from that recent swap.

2015-04-07 18.45.39

There are two blocks in this picture. The first is reading as a grey. It is actually a grey green color and a grey purple color. It reminds me of a slightly mossy rock. It is also super soft.  I suspect there may be some silk. This was another yarn that I got in the swap.  Next to it is a blue and green block.  I am also not sure what this yarn is. I got it in a Blankie Mania swap a long time ago. It was unmarked.

2015-04-07 18.45.52

The last two blocks are pictured above.  The purple/orange one is from the recent swap. It is unmarked. This yarn is really neat.  Each color had little nubs of other colors spun into it.  It felt like a handspun yarn.  The color is darker than it appears in the picture.  The last block is next to it. It started brown, then purple, then green, then yellow, then green, then blue, then green again. It is really a neat progression.  This was yarn I got in a Blankie Mania swap a long time ago, so it is also unmarked. Basically, this week, I only knit with mystery yarns!

2015-04-06 20.00.12-1

Now, on to my exciting Etsy purchase!  I got a mini-skein set from Mint Rain Hand Dyed Yarns.  I discovered Mint Rain when the store was featured on the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast (one of my favorites).  Looking through the store, I knew I had to have a few of her mini-skeins.  The mini-skeins are so cute. They also came with some googly eye stickers and a piece of candy!  The yarns are not marked with a colorway name.  The one closest to the goodies looks like sock monkey colors!  It is one of my favorites. I believe the next one is the Jayne colorway. It reminds me a bit of Gryffindor colors.  The next one is a Christmas red and Christmas green.  After that is some on a Tofootsie base in a spring green and white.  The last one I think is the Batman colorway (although it has a bit more white).  I am going to try to ball these up and make a few squares this week!


I got a little money from my Grandma for my birthday. I decided I needed a big project bag for my sock yarn blankie. I wanted it to be big enough for my blankie as it grows to a blankie size.

My sock yarn blankie had been living in a sock project bag. It had outgrown it, but I was still shoving it in there.

I found this bag on the Star Knits shop on Etsy. This is her XL bag. It is large enough for a sweater project (or a blankie). The inside has two good size pockets.


The fabrics are so cute! The gnome fabric is adorable! I love it so much. I really wanted a gnome print, bit some are just not my style! This is perfect! It is a little bit traditional and vintage. The gnomes are so cute too!  The floral fabric is so pretty. It is used on the outside as an accent and for the strap. The rainbow fabric of the pockets is so fun!

My sock blankie seems happy inside. I also can now carry more than one or two little balls of yarn! That means I can travel with it now.

Haldecraft soap

This Friday’s favorite thing is a wonderful handmade soap.  I bought this soap on Etsy from Haldecraft.  Haldecraft is a store run by Lorena from Hanks.  I have bought Lorena’s soap before.  I always gave it as a gift or included in swap packages.  Everyone who received it raved about it.  I kept buying more planning to keep it, but it always went to someone else.  Then, she posted on her blog some of her new items.  Those included the soaps in the picture. The firetruck shape caught my eye.  Wy loves firetrucks.  When I clicked on it, the scent name made it something I couldn’t pass on. The scent is “Monkey Farts” (I shudder to think about what kind of searches this blog post will come up under now).  My boys are obsessed with “bathroom humor”.  Monkey farts doesn’t sound appealing, but it is very fruity (banana, strawberry, etc).

I ordered this soap on Sunday (late). It was mailed on Monday, and I got it on Tuesday (really fast shipping…yay!!). The boys took a bath with it that night (and have begged for baths every night since…some nights we have to settle for washing our hands with the soap). They love the shape, the smell, and the fact that they can use the word “fart” repeatedly without getting scolded!

I love that this soap is soft and gentle on my boys’ skin (and maybe mine, but I will not confess to having used firetruck soap in the shower).  I also love that it smells so good. My whole bathroom smells like Monkey Farts (I can’t help myself…my boys are a bad influence)!  I have smelled other scents that Lorena offers, and this is a universal trait. They all smell good! The other thing that makes this soap my favorite thing is that it makes bathtime fun (and even washing their hands).  My boys want to be clean (actually, they want to smell like monkey farts so that they can say that to everyone)!

Since I love this soap so much, I am going to be ordering more for myself (maybe chocolate scented soap…yum)!!

I got two more little balls of scrap yarn in the mail yesterday! I traded my leftovers of Lorna’s for them. These are from the stash of ncreely on Ravelry. On the left is some ONLine yarn (not sure about the colorway). On the right is some Lion Brand Magic Stripes. Of course, they became blocks almost immediately!

Blocks 1 and 3 are from the same ball. You can’t tell. They came out completely different! They are from the OnLine ball. Block 1 is almost all blue, white, and cream. There is just a tiny bit of orange at the top that shows that it is from the same ball. Block 3 is orange, blue, turquoise, and purple. After the purple, it would have switched back to the blue and white! It would make a strange sock with those color combos, but really cool blocks! I have about 2 yards of this yarn left (all the blue and white). I may use it as a partial block later in the blanket. Block 2 is from the Magic Stripes. There is enough for another block. I will use it later in the blanket because the block won’t look the same. The next stripe would have been blue. Both were pretty fun to knit up.

Tonight I am going to tackle the helix stripe mini-sock in Ravenclaw colors. I will post about how the experiment goes. If it looks really neat, I may do bigger socks for either me or DH the same way later. After I finish DH’s giant socks of doom, I am going to make myself some Monkeys out of the April Nefarious yarn.

I ordered my Mother’s Day gift yesterday too! It is the Sunshine Yarns Harry Potter Sock Club! DH asked me what I wanted to get for Mother’s Day. I told him I was thinking about it. He told me to go ahead and do it!

The mail lady is my new best friend!! She brought me so much great stuff today…surely she must love me! First up…two skeins of Regia Stretch. It is in blues, grey, and black. Perfect for my boys (or maybe DH…just need to try to figure out how many yards it will take to cover his big old feet). This yarn is soft and stretchy! I can’t wait to work with it.
Next up is some Plymouth Sockotta yarn. It is also in blues (I am the only female in my household…we have lots of blue). This will also become socks for the boys or DH. I got this yarn and the Regia from Ravelry member KnittyMcSnuggler!
Finally, the first installment for the Nefarious Yarn Club arrived! It is the Hannibal Lector colorway (can’t imagine the hits I will get from this one). It is inspired by his leather mask. It has some really cool red flecks (they look shockingly like blood in some places). The base yarn is a Merino/Silk blend. It is so soft. Little Bug immediately said, “Make me socks from this, Mama!” I had to tell him that this yarn wasn’t for him. It will either become socks for me or DH. Probably me. I am not sure he fully appreciates silk. It came with a neat little stitch marker (a Hannibal Lector stitch marker) and a Nefarious Yarn Club sticker. I can’t wait to begin working with this!

BTW-the photos are so true to the colors of the yarn. I can’t say enough good stuff about my new camera!! I can’t wait until Critter starts sleeping again so that I have a bit of energy to play with my camera. I fully planned to play with it this weekend, but I ended up napping with him (we are in “sleep when the baby sleeps because it isn’t often enough” mode right now). He is teething. Poor little critter!

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