I love podcasts. I listen to them in the car and while knitting. Sometimes I listen to them at work in the background.  Nearly all of my podcasts fall into two categories: books and crafts.  Recently, I found video casts. I love to watch them when I eat lunch in my office or when my husband is watching tv I don’t care about.  Here is what I am listening to/watching!

Book podcasts:

  •  Dear Bitches Smart Author (DBSA podcast):   This is by the ladies at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and Dear Author. They review and talk about romances. The most recent episode is about knitting and romance (a cool cross over for me)!  It is not kid safe or safe for work.
  • Book Riot: This is a podcast about news in the publishing and the book world. They have a more literary focus, but I find it fun and interesting.
  • Read it and Weep:  They describe themselves as a good podcast about bad books, movies, and tv shows. Each week they read or watch something bad and make fun of it. It is not kid safe if you listen with littles. Nor is it safe for work.
  • Bookrageous: This is like listening in on a book club. They spend the first half of the show talking about what they are reading and the second half discussing an assigned book.  One of the hosts from Book Riot is a host on this show. It is also more literary.

Crafty podcasts:

  • Knitmore Girls: I love listening to them talk about knitting and their lives. It is like hanging out with a couple of cool knitting friends. I have been listening to this one since about 2009 or 2010.
  • Stash and Burn:  This is another “hanging out with cool knitting friends” podcast. It is also another podcast I have enjoyed since 2009 or 10.
  • Subway Knits: This is a new one to me, but I love listening to Maria talk about her projects.
  • Doubleknit: This is another one I am fairly new to. This is a set of twins talking about life and knitting.
  • The Savvy Girls: This is another set of sisters talking about knitting. They also do “tidbit” episodes about random things. I enjoy the slice of Canadian life!
  • Knitting Pipeline: This is one I am fairly new to. I love to listen to Paula talk about knitting, but I also love her nature notes segments. I have learned so much about birding from her!
  • Knit Picks Podcast: This is put on by Knit Picks. I have listened on and off since the beginning.
  • Knit One, Geek Two: I love how they talk about knitting and geeky things.
  • Never Not Knitting: This is a podcast I have listened to since it started.  I love listening to Alana’s stories!
  • Commuter Knitter: Jen podcasts on her drive home. I just love listening to her talking about her knitting. I am often driving when I listen. I feel like she is in my car!
  • KnottyGirls Knitcast: I love listening to Jen and Laura talk about their lives, knitting, and geek culture.
  • Twinset Designs: Another set of twins. I love when they talk about life on the farm and design stuff.
  • CraftLit: This is a book and craft combo. I love listening to Heather talk about books. She finds the best readers! It is a dose of classic lit class with knitting! The book right now is Sense and Sensibility!
  • The Yarniacs Podcast: This is brand new to me, but I am enjoying it.
  • Mastering the Knits: These ladies are working towards being Master Knitters. I love hearing about the process.

Video podcasts (all crafty):

  • Geeky Girls Knit: I just want to hang out with this mother/daughter combo all the time.  They are adorable and so fun!
  • Yarngasm: I love listening to Kristen talk about New York and her knitting.
  • Knitting in Circles: this is a husband/wife team. I love listening to them talk about their adventures.
  • Minerva Turkey: Shannon has been an online friend since 2009. She is new to video podcasting. It is fun to watch her in person.
  • Gnome Acres: I love listening to the Lego talk and other geeky talk.  Plus, the yarn is soooo pretty!
  • The Fat Squirrel Speaks: This podcast is so much fun. She is the fun friend we all love.
  • Must Stash Yarn: This is another fun friend podcast. I love feeling like I am hanging out with these ladies.
  • Suburban Stitcher: This is another podcast where I feel like the Dianne and I would be friends in real life. I love looking at her projects!
  • I have two podcasts I am going to start watching: Susan B. Anderson and A Homespun House. I have heard so much about them, that I want to watch!

That is a lot!  I am about a week behind in most of the weekly podcasts, but I still keep finding more! Listening to and watching podcasts makes me feel like I am at knitting group! They are a source of inspiration, motivation, and information!