I swear that socks just must really be out to get me.  I ended up casting on for my husband’s socks 4 times before I finally managed to make him a pair of socks!  They are finally finished. Here is a sneak peek. I am going to block them and make them look pretty and then do a big post.  I actually considered ripping the first one (left) out because I liked the striping on the second sock (right) so much better, but I am afraid of what will happen  if I have to cast that first sock on again!

2015-04-05 21.37.45

Last night, I decided to cast on a pair of socks for myself. I am making the Hermione’s Everyday Socks in Malabrigo Sock. I have had the yarn in my stash since early 2009.  I bought it at Hanks (which is now closed).  I did my cast on, joined in the round, and started my first row.  I got half way through when I noticed it…

2015-04-06 10.06.29

Do you see it? When I joined in the round, I was super careful not to twist my round. I did not pay attention to where my yarn was. It is on the inside instead of the outside.  It kept tangling on my needles.  So, I decided I would tink back. In trying to tink back, I managed to lose a stitch.  So, I ripped it all out. I am going to cast on again tonight.  I think it is just that I should expect that my first cast on is just for practice!

I do have to say that I really love this yarn. It is so soft.  I am not sure how well this yarn will wear, but it is a dream to work with (even when I have to rip it all out and start again).