2015-04-01 11.34.34-2

My sock yarn blankie is 100 (blocks)!!  Isn’t it pretty?  The more I look at it, the more I think that I might want it to be a few blocks wider. It is 38 1/2 inches wide, so a little over 3 feet.  It just seems a bit narrow.  I may add some width to it. I am trying to decide before making any big decisions.

2015-04-01 11.34.03-1

So, here is a run down of the new blocks.  The first is from the yarn that DH’s socks are being made out of. I bought three skeins of this yarn.  I wound two of them. The first sock did not use a whole skein, so I took the leftovers and made a blankie square. I have enough to get another square from it at least.  Plus, I will have a whole other skein with leftovers. I am going to make socks for one of my boys out of the remaining skein.

2015-04-01 11.33.19

Next up is one of the yarns that I got in my swap. It is pinks and purples. If you look at what is left in the ball, I can do a whole new square with the same yarn that will have yellows and oranges too. It will probably look like a whole new yarn! I am going to wait a few rows, but it is very exciting to get two totally different blocks from one yarn.

2015-04-01 11.32.57

This is another square made from a swap yarn. This is another yarn that looks like I will get two totally different squares from the same yarn. The square starts out chocolate, then navy, then a sandy color with flecks of gold and blue, and then a cream with more flecks.  The ball has white and brown dashes, yellow, purple, and blue coming up!  Again, I will probably wait a few rows before adding it, but I think it is pretty neat!

2015-04-01 11.33.52

And here is block 100!  This was also a swap yarn. It is really silky feeling. It started out a dark purple, and grew gradually lighter. The color change was gradual enough that I didn’t really realize it was happening.  What is left in the ball is even lighter. This is another ball that will make two completely different blocks.

If I do decide that my blankie needs to be wider, I may that these little balls and use them to add on to the side of the blankie since they will be several rows below their other blocks.  It makes a compelling argument for widening the blankie! The only problem will be how to connect blocks that are above and would have used picked up stitches.  I will have to think about it some more and see if I can find a good way to do that!

I am so happy with this swap!  I hope that other people will want to trade some of their sock scraps for my cotton bonbons!  I did make a square with one of the cotton bonbons (and apparently forgot to mention it last week).  Here it is:

2015-04-01 11.34.16

A nice little solid block to help break  up some of the craziness of the patterned and multicolored blocks!