So, I have decided that Tuesday is the day that I will do updates on my Temperature Scarf.  I am really, really enjoying this project!  It is so much fun. I really have no particular reason why it is so fun.  It seems kind of silly when I try to think about it logically or try to express why it is so fun.  That doesn’t change the fact that I am totally in love with it!

2015-03-16 17.56.26-1


I started with the Knit Picks Bare sock yarn border. It is four rows of garter stitch.  I cast on 38 stitches because I turned 38.  On my birthday, I did a row of the Hot Lime (it was in in the high 70s) in seed stitch (because it was a special day).  Then I had three days of lower 80s (Friday in garter, but the weekend in seed stitch). I started with the Cottonish, but found that it was just too different in gauge. I ripped it out and found a new yellow for that temperature range.  The new yellow is one of the Lion Brand BonBons in cotton. It is a fingering weight yarn.  I had to buy several packages so that I would get enough of the yellow.  It is a lot bolder color than the muted yellow I had planned, but I am finding it looks nicer against the Hot Lime.   Here is a picture for comparison:

2015-03-16 17.55.54-2

Yesterday and today, we are in the high 80s.  That means that I am adding in chocolate brown. We are expected to have another three days in low 80s followed by a couple days in the high 70s. That means that there will be the chocolate stripe.  A yellow stripe of about the same size as before. Then another Hot Lime stripe.  It is almost looking very designed instead of based on something as random as the weather!

It is making me a lot more conscious of the weather in our area.  I never used to know. I dress the same year round because my office is cold no matter the weather outside. Only my outer wear changes, and even then not by a whole lot.  Now, I am actually noting the temperature and enjoying stepping outside when I know it is going to be nice!