Washable cover and rice therapy bags
I am still not able to knit, so my Valentine’s gift plans had to be rethought.  I decided to make a rice therapy (boo boo) bag for Logan’s teacher.  First, I made the inside rice therapy bags. I embroidered one with “HOT”  and one with “COLD”.  She can leave the cold one in the freezer, and use the other when a little heat is needed.
Rice therapy bags
Then, I made a washable cover out of some red microfleece.  I made it so that back of it is made from two overlapping pieces. In the past, I have used velcro.  This time, I wanted to make it really easy to use.

Back of washable cover
Since it is micro fleece, I didn’t need to finish the edge!  I really like how it came out.
Love notes book
My other project is for my husband.  When we were first dating and engaged, we used to write love notes to each other.  Life has gotten busy, and we don’t do that as much. This is a notebook just for writing to each other.  The outside fabric is a scrap of  cabin themed fabric.  We were married in the mountains in Wyoming and our house has a cabin theme in the living room.
Love notes book inside
The inside is a fishing/map theme.  Zack is really into fishing, and he loves old maps and such.  I think he will really like it!