dog cloth

Here is a new puppy for my boys!  It is a baby washcloth that I embroidered!  I am reteaching myself embroidery. When I was small, I did a ton of cross-stitch.  In high school, my mom taught me a bit of traditional hand embroidery. I did a single project and stopped.  Now I am re-learning!

closeup dog cloth

I have been using the videos that Wendy Gratz.  She also has some really great sewing videos!  I also got myself Doodle Stitching and Doodle Stitching: the Motif Collection.  The little dog is from the motif book.  Between the videos and the clear instructions in the book, I found that I picked it back up pretty easily. I need some practice, but I love how the puppy turned out.  My boys are excited to take a bath and use him!  I will say this, using a baby washcloth is not the best idea for a first project. The terry cloth did not like having thread pulled through it.  Many of the loops caught and then left strings.  I think I should have started on some linen or cotton.  It would have been easier (especially learning a split stitch for the first time).  Despite the snags, I still like the little washcloth. I am now looking around my house for things to embroider!