Tabletop iron pad inside/outside I have a really old ironing board. I hate it!  It is large and very squeaky.  I have wanted to replace it, but haven’t really found another that I liked. I have also wanted to set up my spare table to use for cutting, but I don’t have room for both my ironing board and my table.  A few weeks ago, I saw this tutorial for a table top ironing pad.  I knew that I had to make one. It is the perfect solution.
Tabletop iron pad in use
I got a few Jo-Ann’s gift certificates for Christmas.  I used them to get ironing board cover fabric, cotton batting, and Insul-Bright.  Last week, I got some pretty cotton fabric and bias tape. I also got some basting spray.
Tabletop iron pad rolled up
Last night, I finally got a chance to make my ironing pad. It came out very nice. I am really happy with it. I am also happy with the new arrangement of my office.  The table is not in the way that the ironing board was. I can roll up the ironing pad and use the table for other things.  It is perfect for most of my ironing. So handy!

The only modification I made is that I left off the ribbon to tie it.  I didn’t feel it was necessary and didn’t have a ribbon that I liked with it!