Of course, this is the time when everyone makes all kinds of lifestyle changes and resolutions about weight loss. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do that this year.  That being said, I have made two health related changes.

I have quit soda (again). I had quit soda back at the end of September (not caffeine…I still drink tea and eat chocolate). I stopped having headaches (even hormone induced migraines stopped).  I started drinking it again during the holidays, and I also started to battle headaches again.  So, I have quit drinking soda.  I mostly drink water and tea (I am in the South, so my tea of choice is usually sweet tea).

The other change that I have made is to get a pedometer. I used to always wear one. I am much more active when I wear a pedometer. I have a private competition with myself to up the total number of steps I take everyday.  Without one, I have no motivation to move more.  My old pedometer gave up on me about a year ago. I have been meaning to replace it. I finally did.  I got this one.  My favorite thing is that I can put it in my pocket and it is accurate!  I cannot tell you how much I love that!  It doesn’t have to be on my waistband. That makes me happy.  It is small and very thin, so you can’t tell when I am wearing it with my dress clothes. So, I will be moving and walking more.  I am thinking about doing something fun like Webwalking USA (although I wish there was a nice web version of this similar to the Eowyn Challenge or Walking with Attitude, I am not into Lord of the Rings enough for the first and I don’t want to pay for the second).  So today, my pedometer is my favorite thing!