Progress as of 1/5/11 (75 blocks)

I have reached a Wee Block milestone: 75 blocks!  It is very exciting!  It is getting harder to take photos of the whole blanket.  It was neglected for a long time, but has been charming me lately. I love that it is instant gratification, and means new yarns each time I pick it up.

So, now for the little update on a few of the blocks.  First up is a really big block. It is made out of the leftover yarn from the scarf I made for my niece Shay.  The yarn is Zitron Trekking (XXL).

Yarn from Shay's scarf Next is a yarn that I got in a swap.  The green “camo” yarn.  In one of the Flat Rate Box Swaps, I got a neat project bag crocheted out of this yarn.  The extra was included in the box.  I had to make a square with it.
Yarn from swap partner

The pink and grey yarn is the next special block.  I used it to make a scarf for Aliesha.  The yarn is Spritely Goods Sylph in the Arizona Ironwood colorway.  I loved the scarf, so knitting the block was a fun chance to relive it a bit!
Yarn from Aliesha's scarf

The last picture has two special blocks.  The brightly colored block under the purple block is from the scarf I made for my niece Delani.  I dyed the yarn with Easter Egg dye.  The purple block is also special.  Why?  It is the 75th block!!  I have no idea what yarn this is. It came from a swap on the Blankie Mania board.
75th block and hand dyed blockNow that I have my pretty jar, I have been picking up this blankie more.  The pretty yarn in the jar is just too tempting to resist!!  There will be more updates with that jar there to constantly tempt me to knit a block!