6 years ago today I became a mom.  That day pretty much changed everything.  Being a mom didn’t just change my schedule or my views on sleep (although those things did change), it pretty much changed how I viewed everything! Being a mom has also taught me a lot.  Here are some things that I have learned by raising my boys:

1. Bathroom humor is naturally funny to the males of our species. They don’t have to be taught that it is funny.  They just find it funny. This also starts very, very young (and as far as I can tell from being married, it never ends).  Boys just find anything bathroom related hilarious.

2. The ability to quote whole sections of movies after only seeing them one time while at the same time not being able to remember the second step of a series of instructions that men have…that also starts very young.  It is natural and ingrained.   It is also something they never outgrow!

3. Just because you have boys doesn’t mean that you don’t get to do all the fun crafty stuff with your kids.  Boys love crafts too. Everyone told me that it was sad that I had boys because I wouldn’t get to share my hobbies. They were wrong.  Lo is a very crafty kid.  He got a potholder loom for Christmas!  I am not sure which one of us is more excited about it (maybe me, but probably him)!

4. Boys like handmade things (at least until they are 6).  Logan asked me to make him a teddy bear for his birthday.  Here they are!
Lo and his bear!

I made him from this pattern.  I used a remnant of polar fleece that Logan found at Jo-Ann’s.  I was worried that he looked too babyish, but Lo really loves him.

5. 6 year olds are big boys (especially in public…in private, they might still be little kids sometimes)!

6. 6 years go by really, really fast.  Unbelievably fast.