1. Today was my first day back at work.  It wasn’t too bad. Everyone covered for me so well that I didn’t really miss much.  Still, I wish I could get paid to stay home in bed.  I liked that last week.

2. It is so cold here. It is Florida, but you wouldn’t know it.  With the windchill, we are getting temps in the teens.  That is too cold for me.  Even with socks and a blanket, my feet are not warming up.

3. The cold weather has made me want to make up some rice socks (rice in a sock that you heat in the microwave).  They are great for warming up feet!

4. I am not making them because it would involve pulling my freezing feet out from under my blanket.  Next time it warms up a little, I will!

5. Logan had a really bad day at school today.  I hate when that happens.  He is such a good kid. He has had two weeks where he hasn’t gotten so much as a warning for talking too much (his usual “sin”).  Today, he was pushing, hitting, and talking ugly to other kids.  I wish I knew what triggered days like this. Thank goodness they are rare!

6. The Christmas song that makes me giggle the most is Dominick the Donkey.  I love the “hee haw” part the most.   I got to hear it twice today.  Both time it makes me giggle.

7. Make that three times…in looking for the link, my husband told me that there was no such song. I had to play it for him.

8. My husband now thinks that I am a bit crazy.  It is ok.  That is one of the things he loves about me.