*Yes, I know it is not Friday now. For some reason, this post deleted itself yesterday.  Like all handmade things, this blog may have some variations. Please consider it “character” rather than a “flaw”.

I am starting something new on the blog. Fridays will be for sharing something that is a favorite thing!

This week’s favorite thing is volunteering at my child’s school. I love being in Logan’s class. His teacher is wonderful. I love hanging out with the kids too.  Kindergartners are so full of love. I adore all the hugs.  I also love watching the interactions between the kids.  Getting to know my son’s classmates gives me such insight into how his class works.  It also helps me identify problems and friends.  The kids are all really great kids, and being with them is fun!  I wish I could volunteer more (unfortunately, I have to work during school hours).

Today, I volunteered in Logan’s class for Kindercraft day!  It was so much fun. I was still a bit sore, but it was worth it.  Many of the kids made me get well cards and pictures.  Then I got to help all of the kids make reindeer food bags (reindeer food is oatmeal with gold glitter…the glitter helps Rudolph land and the smell of the oatmeal helps him find the house).  They were all so cute!  It was so much fun.