Well, last month I had a really bad gallbladder attack. I saw the surgeon on Thursday last week. He decided to take it out on Monday. It was a little sudden, but the timing was perfect for me.  I had nothing on my calendar this week. To prepare to be pretty much unavailable to my family, I did a bit of cooking over the weekend.  We also got our family pictures taken.  I will post them after Christmas, but they are a bit of a surprise for family so they are under wraps for now.  I also finished Tripp’s baby hat.
Hat for Tripp
So, I had surgery on Monday.  I got home Monday afternoon and spent most of the day sleeping.  Yesterday, it was lots of sleeping and watching tv.  Today, I felt so much better.   I actually got some stuff done for Christmas.  I made 10 sets of magnetic paper dolls using this tutorial.  They came out so cute. I used my Xyron 900 laminate/magnet cartridge to make them instead of magnetic sheets. The advantage is that the paper dolls are laminated on the front. I hope it helps them be more durable.  I put them in really cute Michael’s gift card boxes. I want a set myself.   The best tip from the tutorial is to leave a little bit of white around the edges. It really does make them look nicer.

I also managed to sew a bit today. I made two I-Spy bags.
I-Spy bags (front)
One for Conner and one for Wyatt.

I-Spy bags (back)

I have cut out, sewn the label,  and sewn the vinyl window on 4 others.  I need more of the poly bead things.  I have been working on these off and on since the weekend.  I can’t finish them until I get more filling. I hope to do that this weekend.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment.  That will be the first time I have been outside my house in days.  I am volunteering in Logan’s class on Friday.  Hopefully, I will be up to it!

The other thing I have been doing is preparing an Etsy shop. I have been thinking about opening an Etsy shop for a long time to sell some of the things that I sew.  I started to research a while ago, but put it off because of all the CPSIA stuff.  Now I have decided to go forward.  I am going through all the legal stuff now (registering the name, setting up sales tax collection, etc).  As soon as things are together, I will make an announcement.  This week has been great for getting my research and paperwork in order!