Here is a sneak peek at some Christmas presents.  These are going to be super hero capes. I used this tutorial.  The outside of each is red flannel.  The lining fabric (also flannel) is next to the logo (felt).  The first is for my nephew.  This is the first time that I have ever appliquéd.

Next up is Wyatt’s.  His letter was the easiest.  All kids should have initials with nothing but straight lines!

Last, but not least is Logan’s.  DH  designed these logos.  He insisted on flames for Logan. They were a real pain, but came out pretty cool.  It would have been a bit easier if my fusible web had worked. It didn’t like the felt and flannel.

Logan’s letter looks shiny in the photo. It is just felt.  I am not sure why it is shiny.

Now DH wants a cape. I told him that I am not making an adult cape for him!