I stopped blogging a little over a year ago.  Last year, Wyatt broke his leg. Things kind of fell apart for a while. I spent all my free time caring for him. Then there were neurology appointments, physical therapy, and doctor’s appointments.  After all that, the thought of “catching up” on the blog was daunting.

I have been composing blog posts in my head for over a year.  I just haven’t been posting. I finally decided that I just couldn’t catch up. I just have to start over.

So that is what I am doing. Starting over.  Right now, I am in the crazy period where I find all kinds of homemade things I want to make with no realistic idea of whether or not I can finish them before Christmas. I like to think of it as optimism. I always think I can get way more done than I can.  I am starting to do it again. I feel it.  I just can’t stop. I will post more about what I am doing, but it is mostly sewing.

I actually worked all year to get my Christmas knitting done (this year it was crochet, not knitting…I still call it Christmas knitting).  I did dishcloths and sponges throughout the year. I have enough for gifts.  Next weekend, I am going to make edible goodies to go with them.  I will post pictures later.

This is sort of a quick drive by post. I am just so glad to be back!