February 2009

I haven’t been posting a lot, but I have had a lot I have thought about posting.  Here are just a few things that I have been doing and have been on my mind.

1. I did the third January square. I am on target with my Christmas knitting right now. I have been thinking a lot about my next scarf project, but I want to finish my shawl first.

2. I am on the 13th pattern repeat of my shawl. I was almost done with the repeat when I dropped a stitch. I really couldn’t see where it was dropped. I just knew I was missing one. I ended up having to pull back to my lifeline (inserted at the beginning of the pattern repeat). I am so happy I am using lifelines!! I  am still trying to decide if I am going to do 15 pattern repeats or more.  I can’t tell how big the shawl will be when it is blocked.  I may do 20. I don’t think I could make it too big, but I would hate to make it too small!

3. At Christmastime, we tried LB on dairy again.  He didn’t react.  We then had CB tested for allergies. We learned that he had also outgrown his dairy allergy. Right now, we are dietary restriction free! It is such a wonderful feeling not to have to worry about labels and monitor food all the time.  Unfortunately, LB doesn’t like most dairy items.  He went for four years without them. He just never developed a taste for them.  We are working on getting him to eat more dairy.  CB, on the other hand, has started gaining and growing like crazy now that he can eat dairy (and drink milk).

4. I have been a single mom this week. DH was in Orlando all week. I don’t know how single moms do it!  My kids slept terribly all week. I am so exhausted!  DH is going to take them for some time on Saturday so that I can catch up on sleep!!

5. CB is teething. He also has a yeast rash on his little bum (due to teething). He is a cranky baby!  He has also started biting.  He would be a holy terror if not for being such a cuddle bug!  I can’t wait for this stage to pass, but I hope the need for hugs and kisses doesn’t go with it. He is too cute when he is soooo cuddly.

6. I started Weight Watchers in January. I weighed the same as I did when I delivered CB (which is way more than is healthy).  Since then I have lost 15 lbs. I am now at my pre-CB weight and in my pre-CB pants.  I have a long way to go, but I am definitely happy. My reward…maybe some Malabrigo. I am heading to Hanks on Saturday!

7. Paperback Swap: It is a website where you can exchange paperbacks with people all over the US.  You post your books. People request them. For every book you send, you get a credit that you can use to request books from others. I have a ton of paperbacks and love to read. I love this site!

8.  I listen to podcasts all the time. One of these days, I am going to list all the podcasts that I listen to with a brief “why I like it” blurb.  Keep an eye on the Pages for that list!

9. My new church. We started going to a new church in June. We feel so loved and accepted there! I absolutely love it. I am the Kids program director. The pastor and his wife are our age (early 30s). They have two girls very close in age to our kids (5 and 3).  We feel very loved and supported there.

10. I am getting something new tonight!  I will post about it tomorrow, but I am super excited.  It is not yarn related.  Can you guess?


Valentine puff

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DH and I aren’t really celebrating today. We don’t have a sitter. We have postponed to next week. That being said, we did exchange cards. DH got me flowers. I made him a new bath puff! After the one I made my mom, he has been hinting about wanting a new one. I love these things. So quick and easy!

Last weekend, I got a wonderful package in the mail.  My order from Knitpicks came in!  I wanted to post about it, but I had a trial this week.  I got three skeins of the Merlot Heather Swish yarn for the February Square.  I have two of the squares done and the third started.  The February Square will be the same on all three blankets (unlike the January Squares…they are all different).  It was another really simple pattern.  Incidently, the squares are supposed to come out 11 x 11.  Mine are all 9 x 9. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t be consitent, but they are!

The other new thing that came was a book…It Itches! by Franklin Habit of the Panopticon.  It was wonderful!  I laughed really hard.  My DH looked at a few and thought that they were very funny (he is a non-knitter). He kept saying, “This is so you!” If you can get your hands on it, do!  I am keeping it in my knitting side table. I keep picking it back up.

I have been participating in the Reducio Swap on Ravelry. When I went on hiatus, the group was taken over by some very enthusiastic knitters. They have kept it going wonderfully, so I get to just be a participant (how fun!)!!  This is one of my favorite swaps.  I got my package from my pal.

Do you see all the goodies?  There is a mini-sock (I was in Slytherin this time), a snail, a slug, tea, drinking chocolate, chocolate bars, M&Ms, scrapbooking stickers, Fort Dodge Magazine (which my pal does much of the photography and writing for), a scrapbooking calendar, and a cat toy.  There are also scraps for my blankie. It is yarn that she dyed herself and the socks she knit with the yarn got second place in the state fair!  What a cool memory.

Here is a close up of the “Care of Magical Creatures” themed knits (just ignore the dirty window sill):

I have also been doing some knitting for my own pal.  I made a mini-sock for my Slytherin pal.  It is using the Knit Picks Essential sock yarn (so soft). 

For my Care of Magical Creatures item, I made a dragon. He is supposed to be a finger puppet, but he came out small.  Now he is a “wand pal” (or a pencil pal or a knitting needle pal).  He is pictured on a knitting needle.

I have also gotten two January Squares done. These are part of Hanks 2009 Year of the Afghan.  I plan to do three squares a month.  For Christmas, these will be gifts for DH, CB, and LB.  I have ordered some more yarn to make the third square for January and the three February squares.  As soon as the yarn gets here, I will get caught up.  I am making these with Knit Picks Swish Worsted. I love this yarn!  It is super, super soft.  I also like the colors.  It is a pleasure to work with.

I made a mistake on the blue square. It has a repeat over 6 rows instead of 8.  As a result there are 10 repeats (instead of 7). I think I like the green one better.  They both came out about 9×9 instead of 11×11.  I am going to wait to do any blocking until I have a few more squares done.  I want to see if the squares for the other months will be the same size or larger.