Friday, I had to take the kids to the doctor (just their well checks).  Afterwards, we went to Jo-Ann’s. I needed some cord and a cord stop for my little bag that I made. I also decided to get more fabric since they were having a big sale.  More bags for more WIPs!

After that, we went to Hanks to meet Hank and pick up some soap. My mom’s birthday is today and she loves the handmade soap from Hanks. LB was fascinated by Hank. He talked about him all the way home.  I put the soap in my purse, and now my purse smells lovely!!

When I got home, I decided to make my mom a bath puff.  I had looked at some of the patterns, but hadn’t done one because my crochet is not so advanced.  I finally took a good look at a pattern and realized how easy they are.  I used the Pricilla”s Crochet pattern.  It took me about 3 hours to do.  It would have gone faster if I could keep count.  It would also have gone faster if I didn’t have to keep setting it down (kids…they can really interrupt a lot, even after they are supposed to be in bed).  I love this bath puff!  It is so soft!  I also love that it is quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.  Even greater, it is machine washable.  DH is begging for one in “man colors” now.

It took just one skein of kitchen cotton to make a puff the same size as the 99 cent ones at Wal-Mart.  Of course, this puff is nicer and won’t fall apart in a month (and it can go in the washing machine).  The color in the picture isn’t very true, but that is what happens when you take pictures at night. The color is actually a deep wine color.  I can’t wait to get it sent out to mom.

I am thinking I am going to whip a bunch of these up for birthdays for my secretaries this year.  I may also make up some homemade shower gel to go with them (still deciding on making it or just buying).