I have several works in progress right now.  The first is Shay’s scarf for next Christmas.  I finished the knitting, kitchnered the two pieces, and wove in the ends.  It is blocking right now.  The picture above is unblocked. The picture below is while being blocked.

I have made some progress on my shawl too. I have completed 6 repeats. I am thinking that I will need around 15 pattern repeats to get the size that I want.  Here are a couple pictures. Lace doesn’t look like much in progress (mostly it looks like a blob of string). It is still pretty cool. I love the yarn colors.  I wish I could really get a good picture. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a really true picture.

I am also making progress on dishcloths. I have half of another one done. I haven’t taken any pictures of that. I also cast on for DH’s socks.  There isn’t really anything to photograph…yet.  I will post pictures soon. DH and I are both excited. I love the yarn. The color transitions are so beautiful.