For some reason, I have a terrible case of startitis.  Something about the New Year. I have been doing more tribbles and garterlac dishcloths.

I have another of the pink/blue (Winterberry) garterlac cloths on the needles. Michael’s was having a sale on all yarn. I got even more dishcloth yarn on sale today.  They were 2 skeins for $5 (that means I can get 2 cloths and 2 tribbles for $5!!).

I also did a tribble for myself (I really needed one…actually, I need several).

I also started a scarf for my niece Shay.  It will be for Christmas next year.  I got the sock yarn for it from the Sock Yarn from Stash Swap.  It is neat, but I don’t wear many of the colors in it. I had been looking for a pattern that would really speak to me for the yarn.  DH got me 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders for Christmas. I am doing the Sock It To Me Scarf. I really like how it is turning out.  It really looks like something my niece would buy for herself!

I had planned to go to Hanks today, but CB was with me. He was in a foul mood, so I decided to wait. I plan to buy some skeins of Lorna’s Laces in the Panopticon colorway (3 skeins).  I am going to start socks for DH. He has been wearing the big socks I made for him very frequently.  I have been dreading doing another pair because they are huge and take forever. They are also a bit boring.  I love the colorway, so I am hoping it will help me speed along.  They will be for DH’s birthday (in May, although I hope to finish them long before that).

I still have my shawl on the needles. I have done a few repeats. It is growing faster than I could have anticipated!  I love how it is looking.  I know it will grow more slowly the bigger it gets, but it is still surprising given the skinniness of the yarn.

It is really unusual for me to have so many projects going on at one time!  I normally have only one or two at the most. Right now, I have several. I keep thinking of other things I want to start.  I have been trying to use my queue on Ravelry instead of casting on, but I can’t seem to help myself! If only I could do nothing but knit! I might be able to get it out of my system!