December 2008

My new project…Christmas knitting for next year!  That’s right, I have started my knitting for next Christmas.  One of the techniques that has always intimidated me is entrelac.  I decided to try it in a dishcloth. I have been admiring the ones that Lisa did (Ravelry link).  I decided just to follow one step at a time in the instructions.  The pattern is Garterlac Dishcloth by Criminy Jickets. The pattern is really well written.  It is actually very easy. The knit was super quick. It only took a few hours to do a dishcloth (quicker than my last Grandma’s Favorite).

After finishing the dishcloth, I decided to try a Tribble too (by Abigail at 1870 Pearl).  I did the knitting over my lunch hour and finished it when I got home.

I even had time to begin another dishcloth and do a repeat on my shawl!  I love the quick projects. I plan to do sets of dishcloths and tribbles for Christmas next year.


I am celebrating my blogiversary (one year blogging) with an FO!  My Raphael Monkey socks are done, done, done!! I love how they turned out. The photos can’t really capture the colors. They are purple, peach, pink, teal, brown, and tan. So pretty. They remind me of sugar cookies and candy.  They are also super soft and comfy!

After finishing these socks, I then made a block for my blankie from the leftovers. I have just enough for one more block.  I was worried about cutting it close with this yarn, but there was plenty for the socks.

I started another new project, but it is late. I will post about it tomorrow (ahh…a cliff hanger)!

Yesterday was Christmas, but today was the day when I got all kinds of new yarn!  Critter Bug and I went out today to hit the sales (and spend some Christmas money).  After the obligitory mall stop for new (badly needed) clothes, we went to Jo-Ann’s.  They had all their yarn on sale.  I got 7 skeins of yarn for gnomes and such (ornaments and other small stuff).  They had all their yarn on sale. I got three skeins of Vanna’s Choice (Dusty blue, black, and taupe mist), two skeins of Wool-Ease (Cranberry and Forest Green Heather), and a skein of Patons (white) (Ravelry links).  When I got home, I had my Christmas gift to myself in the mail!

Mountain Colors Winter Lace yarn in Wild Horse!  Yes, lace yarn. I decided that I wanted a shawl.  I am going to be making the Forest Canopy Shawl (Ravelry link) with this yarn.  I am so excited. I want to have it done in time to wear it to Wicked in April.  DH is buying me tickets for my birthday!  This yarn is a wool silk blend. It is so soft.  The colors are so pretty too. I can’t wait! It is going to be lovely. I had to pick up a couple of circs in size 4 and 5 for this shawl (not sure what size needle I am going to use…I will swatch some with each and see tonight).

 Christmas is for sharing, so LB and I did some sharing.  We put our yarn scraps out for the birds.  LB loved hanging the scraps out. He was even more excited when a bird came and took one shortly after hanging them.

I got to do a little knitting today too.  I have been working on my Raphael Monkeys.  They are coming along nicely. I am almost to the heel on the second sock. I should have them done fairly soon.  I can’t wait to wear them. DH has been wearing the socks I knitted for him, and I have been jealous.

I also got to knit another square on my blankie. It is a big milestone!  My blankie now has 50 squares!!  Here is what 50 squares looks like!

Here are some close ups with the explanation of the individual blocks.

 The pastel block on the far left, top row and all of the second row blocks that are visible are scraps from swaps and my Sock Yarn from Stash Pal.  The yellow and pink block  and the purple/teal/tan block are from my SP12 pal.  The purple/teal/tan block is Happy Feet.  The yellow and pink is Regia. The block at the left edge, third row (out of this picture, see photo to the right and down) is from the same Regia scraps.  It looks so different, I was able to put it really close.   The lavendar-grey block is Sundara yarn in Lenten Rose.  The color variations don’t photograph very well, but it is really pretty yarn!

The second photo shows the close up of the other Regia square.  It also has a square with a duplicate.  The green and blue square in the third row and the pink and red square in the second row (see photo above…almost all the way to the right of that photo) are from the same small skein.  The brown square in the second row is from my monkey socks.  It is not machine washable (it has some silk content). I really debated adding it to the blanket.  Ultimately I decided that I wanted it in the blanket so much that I am willing to handwash the thing (I envision washing it in my tub).

Well, now Christmas is nearly over. I am a bit sad that I didn’t get to give more hand knitted gifts.  This year, I am going to try to knit things all year and set them aside.  The end of the year is a bad time to try to cram it all in. We will see how it goes.  Over the next week or so I am going to set up a plan with little goals for the year. It will make it easier to actually do such a thing.

I hope everyone had a really Merry Christmas!

I decided to really limit my Christmas knitting this year.  I only knitted one item.  An Alan Dart Yuletide Gnome.  This gnome was knitted in the round.  I used DPNs in size 2 1/2.  Here are the adaptations:

All P rows in instructions become K rounds (that is the beauty of knitting in the round).  The only P rounds are noted below in the changes.  Any time cast on sts noted below are less than in the original instructions, all of the st counts are reduced by two.

Head and Body: Cast on 9 sts.  I did some stuffing as I went.  I added the bean bag before the final three rows on the body.

Boot and Leg: Cast on 2o sts. Where instructions say “Cast off 6 sts at beg of next 2 rows” I cast off 6 sts at the end of the first round and 6 sts at the beginning of the next round. Then did the next row as instructed.  Then K 7 rounds, P 1 round.  Then follow remaining instructions.  I had to do a small seam at the top of the foot (I made it look like lacing).  I 

also had to do a seam at the bottom of the foot.  I did the seam at the bottom first, then stuffed the foot, and then seamed the top of the foot.  Then I stuffed the leg (using a pencil).

Arm and Mitten: Cast on 10 sts.  After changing yarn, I K 3 rounds, P 1 round.  Then I cast on 4 sts at the end of next round, then cast on 4 sts at the beginning of the next round.  When it is time to cast off, I cast off 3 sts at the end of first round, then 3 sts at the beginning of the next round.  Then followed instructions.  I had to seam the top and bottoms of 

the thumbs.  I seamed the bottom of the thumb, stuffed the thumb, and then seamed the top of the thumb. Then I stuffed the mitten and arm using a pencil.

Hat: Cast on as instructed.  P 7 rounds, K 7 rounds.  Pick up where instructions say “Next row (K2, k2tog, K2) to end”. Follow instructions to the end.

Nose and Beard are knitted flat as instructed.


I used this gnome to hold a gift card for my secretary at work. She is a UGA fan, so he is in Bulldog colors.  The lack of seaming and pearling made this gnome go so fast!!  I plan to do several others.  I need to shop for some Gator colors by request!

I feel like I have been gone for so long. I have been here. I just haven’t been knitting much or blogging at all. I didn’t even log onto Ravelry for over a month!!

Work has been crazy. The kidlets are growing too fast. Home is a wreck. I just haven’t had time for me. I am officially reclaiming me time. I am having frequent migraines and am frazzled beyond belief. Time for me to do things I love. My house is going to be an even bigger wreck. I won’t ever catch up at work. At least, I can be a good mommy if I take care of myself. So, I am officially back!

I am doing only a small amount of holiday knitting. I am making another yuletide gnome (I will post a picture later) for my secret pal at work! He is cute. This time I am knitting it in the round. That is so much easier than knitting flat and seaming. I will post how I did it later, once I am sure it will work for the boots and mittens (that is an experiment).

I have also picked back up the monkeys I was working on. I have also done a few more squares on my blankie. Eventually, I hope to get back involved in some swaps!