There are some new squares to talk about! First, I have finished the first two rows and have started on the third! The lone third row square (the yellow on the far right) is Louet Gems (not sure of the colorway). It is a pretty, soft yellow. I got the yarn in the May BlankieMania yarn ball swap.

Here is a close up of the new blocks in the first and second row of the blanket. The very dark square on the far right (top row) is from the May yarn ball swap, as well. It is dark blue (almost black) with a bit of lighter navy. It is really soft. I am not sure what the yarn is. The rest (except the gold block) are from the Sunshine Yarns mini-skeins. The gold block is the one that was unattached in the previous post.

The Sunshine Yarns blocks are all from the Twist and Soft yarns. The pink, brown, and white block is called Neopolitan. The brightly colored yarn with pinks, purples, yellows, blues, and greens is called Wildflowers. The green and brown block is Graffiti Green. The blue-purple and white block is Violets. The green and blue block is Algae. The blue, white, and brown block is Tundra. I think that Neopolitan and Tundra are my favorite (although I also love Wildflowers). I may have to get some full sized skeins of those! I like all the colorways, but those are my favorite (I think they would make really nice knits for babies, kids, or adults).