The Secret Pal Question of the Week is: As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

For me, it was several things. First and foremost was loads of uninterrupted reading time. In the summers, I would read around 12-14 novels a week! I loved just being able to sit and read for long stretches without having to do homework or go to class. I would totally get lost in other worlds! I learned to do all my chores very quickly in the morning so that I would only have to put my book down for meals (and not always lunch if my parents weren’t home)!

Another thing that I always looked forward to was camping and hiking. I grew up in Wyoming, so there were plenty of opportunities nearby. During High School, my best friend and I spent nearly every Saturday exploring and hiking (and getting lost…although we always managed to find our way home before rescue was called). Every other summer, we have a family reunion for my maternal grandmother’s family at a campground near my hometown. I loved those trips most of all. Seeing relatives from around the country, campfires at night, activities during the day, and the food (of course the food). Those times were extremely special to me. So special that my DH and I got married at the campground (actually at the big lodge adjacent to the campground, but it is all the same property). I don’t get many camping opportunities now, but I still love those reunions. I had to miss the last one because I was pregnant (and too far along for travel). DH and I are already saving money and making plans for the next one!