Yup! All done! These socks are huge (around a 12 or 13 men’s). They seemed to take forever! I finished them on the way home from Orlando. These are made of the Regia Stretch. I didn’t love the yarn while I was working with it. I washed them (that took care of the ladders…yay!), and they got really soft! I like it better now that it is soft! DH loves the socks and plans to wear them to work on Monday. I am just glad to have them done!

I also have some new yarn. Just before I left on vacation, I got the June Nefarious Yarn Club selection. It is some of Carrie’s Bamboo Sock. It is really lovely and soft. I keep petting it. You can see it here.

Today, I got my June Wee Tiny Sock! It is so cute! Andi (the organizer of the monthly swap) was my spoiler! It is made of Tofutsies. I love the colors too!