The trip to Orlando was great (although short). We left early on Tuesday morning. CB slept the whole way down. LB watched a movie, quietly. I had quite a bit of “nearly alone” time. It was nice…peaceful. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort (the link plays sound…just a warning). It was nice. Our room was overlooking the “Quiet Pool”. I was worried about it, but it really was quiet! As soon as we got there, LB and DH went swimming. CB just watched. There was a duck swimming in the pool. It was really neat, but I couldn’t get a good picture. LB has only been swimming a couple of times. He has really taken to it (I see lessons in our future). He decided he wants to be a lifeguard when he grows up. DH is relieved since he had gone back to telling people he wants to be a princess and a firefighter when he grows up!

After a bit of swimming, we headed to Sea World. As we got there, everyone was leaving! We were able to see almost everything we wanted to (not rides or shows, just exhibits) in a few hours. It was a good thing. As we left the Shark Encounter, a storm formed. We ended up hanging out under the shelter for over an hour. There was a tornado warning (actual funnels but none actually touched down). There was a severe thunderstorm. Lightening struck the big tower three times setting off fireworks each time. We were only a few hundred yards from it (an employee told me less than two football fields…that is less than a skein of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn away)! The picture is our view of the tower (just behind the trees). It was pretty scary. CB slept through it. LB kept telling the women behind us (who were crying and screaming), “It’s ok. It is just thunder. Do you like the fireworks? Maybe we will see more.” It was so cute. After the storm passed, we debated going to see a show. Ultimately, we decided to leave. LB was exhausted (no nap), and was starting to get ugly.

We spent all day Wednesday at Animal Kingdom. Unlike Sea World, it was packed! We only waited for one ride (the Safari). We waited for an hour and a half. It was miserable. At the end, both kids were crying. I am sure that everyone around us was silently hoping we would be on another vehicle. Fortunately, both kids calmed down the second we got on the jeep. LB talked non-stop to the driver (we were right behind her). Everytime we would see an animal, LB would say, “Thank you so much for showing us that!” It was adorable! CB slept through it (which was fine…at least he wasn’t crying). After the safari ride, we did the rest of the stuff in Africa. Then we went to Camp Minnie Mickey. LB was getting quite ugly, so we knew it was time to eat. I actually got a picture of him being grouchy. I normally don’t post pics of the kids, but the picture is too funny to not post. We ate a late lunch at Rainforest Cafe. The kids absolutely loved it! We were seated next to gorillas. I was afraid that CB would be scared when they moved and made noise. He wasn’t. He just watched intently. After lunch we saw Dinoland and the Bug’s Life show. The show scared LB, but at the end he wanted to do it again. Unfortunately, it was a little late. LB was spacing out a lot and even put his head down in the stroller (him even sitting in the stroller was a good sign he was about done). We left. We went back to the hotel. LB and DH went swimming again. CB napped in the stroller, so I got some knitting time in. I almost finished DH’s socks! We then went out to dinner and put the kids to bed!

Thursday morning, DH had “class”. I took LB and CB to the playground. LB played and CB just watched. I knit some more on DH’s sock. Then we went to the kiddie pool (really shallow). LB had a blast. I took the inserts out of CB’s diaper (it is a pocket diaper…it makes it into a swim diaper). I then set him into the water. He just sat and splashed and giggled. I think I have two fish on my hands. When DH’s class was over, we packed up and left. LB managed to stay awake all the way home (no nap), so he was quite ugly when we got home. Both boys had an early bedtime!

We plan to go back to Sea World in the fall (we have yearly passes). We will have to go back to Animal Kingdom again as we missed a big section of the park. It was a great couple days away (and a much needed break)!!