1. Thank you to everyone who contacted me about my grandfather. For some reason, the blog wasn’t allowing comments. I got so many messages on Ravelry when I logged it. It was so nice to hear from all of you! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me their thoughts and e-hugs. They were needed and really did help. My grandfather did pass away on Tuesday. I will post about it when I have some time to gather my thoughts in a coherent manner.
2. We had a great couple of days in Orlando. We nearly got struck by lightening, saw Sea World and Animal Kingdom, stayed in a Disney Resort, swam a ton, and got some knitting in. I will also post a lot more about it (including some pictures) when I can sit down and really do a good job on it! Despite having our new air card, we did not have internet connectivity! Turns out that the resort is built in such a way that there are no cell phone signals in the room. We had to go out to the hallway to talk on the phone. I didn’t want to sit with my laptop in the hallway (no chairs).
3. The SP12 Question of the Week is: What is your favorite summertime drink?? I almost always drink Diet Mt. Dew. I am terrible about drinking way, way too much soda. I am trying to drink more water, but have been bad about it. I try not to drink bottled water because of the waste from the plastic bottles. I need to start carrying water with me. No good excuse why I don’t. I keep saying I am looking for the perfect bottle. I should probably just buy one and get it over with.
4. I finished DH’s big socks (finally)! I knit a bit on them poolside and while LB played on the playground. They are in the wash. I will get pictures and do a proper post tomorrow.

OK, so this post was mostly a promise for more posts later…I realize that!