I love swaps. I really love them. I haven’t joined too many, though…well, not until now. I am doing another round of the Wee Tiny Sock Swap (Summer Fun is the theme). I did my sock last night. It is made from Plymouth Sockotta. I think it looks like a summer sky!

I opened up Round 2 of the Reducio Sock swap. I had to use two angels for the last round, so I made a few small changes to prevent the problem I had last time (I hope). Only one person is still waiting for her package, but I know it was sent on Friday. I know she is taken care of! There is also another change. This time there will be two knitted mini-items (one sock and one mini-item of the knitter’s choice). One must be in house colors and the other in a “character inspired” color (not necessarily a HP specific yarn…any yarn that reminds the knitter of a character). It should be lots of fun!

I sent each of the angels a little something special. I also sent one of the swappers something special (she managed to have the two flakers as her upstream and her downstream…no package and no thank you). For the first angel, I sent a bit of chocolate, some Soak, and two mini-skeins of yarn in Ravenclaw colors (the Trekking). For the other angel, I sent chocolate, some owl stitch markers, and an owl I made (more on that in a minute). For the swapper who really needed a bit of extra spoiling, I also sent owl stitch markers.

About the owl, I designed him myself. I looked at about a million patterns, but didn’t really love any of them. I decided to wing it (no pun intended…who am I kidding? Of course it was intended). It came out so cute. I also think that without the beak and eyes, it looks a bit like a snitch (done in the right color it would…maybe with wings that are a bit bigger)!It is about an inch and a half tall. I love it! Of course, that may be because it is tiny and I do have a thing for knitting tiny things! I will post how I made him in another post (tomorrow or Thursday).

I also joined three more swaps. The SP12 swap (as evidenced by the questionnaire post) is one. The other is the Sock Yarn From Your Stash swap! Both should be fun! I will post more about those as they get started! I also joined another scrap swap on the Blankie Mania group! I am going to be winding little yarn balls over the next few days to swap!

In other exciting news, I got the latest installment (spoiler pics) of the Harry Potter Sock Yarn Club! It is fantastic! I am deciding what to knit with it. I am probably going to use it in the next Reducio Swap!