I realize that there has not been a Wee Block Wednesday since the first one. The reason…I have been out of scraps for wee blocks! Yesterday, I got the scraps from the BlankieMania scrap swap for May!
The dark green is actually a ball I sent in. The two blue/black/grey balls in front are Regia Stretch in the same colorway that I am doing DH’s big old socks in. I am going to trade those three in the June swap. Other than that, these are all new. The yellow in the middle (the one with a pink slip of paper peeking out) is Louet Gems. The grey colored yarn next to is Regia in an unknown colorway. The rest are unidentified, mystery yarns! I will have to do some research to figure out what they are (oh the horror…time on Ravelry..I just can’t bear it)!

As you can see, the orange sherbet colored yarn has already made it into a wee block. The grey is on it’s way. It actually was nearly a whole block when I realized that the decreases weren’t lined up in the center (I was a little too tired last night). I had to frog back to the first decrease and start over. I should finish it (and maybe one or two more) tonight.

Total block count: 16 (and a piece of one)