This morning, DH said he would take LB so that I could take my time at Hanks. I was really excited to be able to go without worrying about him! He has always been very good at the store, but he has been a bit difficult the last couple of days. Of course, LB was disappointed that he didn’t get to go to the yarn store. DH told him, “We are going to go somewhere way better than the yarn store.” LB wouldn’t hear it. He told his daddy, “There is no place better than the yarn store!” It was so cute. DH told him that he would remind him that he said that someday (like when he is 15). I totally agree with LB though… I had quite a good time! I got lots of pretties, too!

I have been obsessively searching for baby knitting for my friend’s upcoming arrival. She is having a baby in July in California. Not exactly great timing for covering a baby in knitted gear! I finally decided on a cute dress and matching booties (in addition to the already knitted booties). I found the perfect yarn for it! It is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK in Spring Frost.

I was planning on getting some more Lorna’s Laces sock yarns, but when I got there I was drawn to the Colinette Jitterbug. It took me forever to decide what to get. I finally got two different colorways. The first is Raphael. It is peaches and purples. Purple is a pretty standard color choice for me, but not peaches and oranges. I normally don’t like orangy tones. This skein just kept calling me. I love, love, love it! I have nothing that will match it, but I am going to make myself socks and wear them anyway.

Finally, the Jitterbug in Slate. I love the other colors with the gray being dominant. It is just crazy enough without being too crazy (a bit like me, I guess). It will also make nice socks for the boys if I decide to make them socks too. DH even liked this skein (although, he decided it was too much color for him). I can’t wait to knit with these! The yarn feels great. When I first started knitting socks, I only liked the smooth yarns. I have come around to the bumpier yarns. They make such a nice fabric.

LB was excited to see so much new yarn. He keeps asking when we are going to be getting the “windy umbrella” out so that he can “help me knit.”