This week has been so busy! I have been swamped at work. I haven’t had any time to knit. I have been so exhausted at night, I can’t seem to concentrate. I have had no time for myself at all.

Since I don’t have much knitting to show for this week (none after the booties), I decided to post a picture taken with my new camera. I love this shot. These are the petunias that LB and I planted in the planters on either side of our front door. They have taken off. You can smell them when you come onto the front porch. My new camera does a good job with close ups like this! The colors are really true!

The only knitting thing that I have been working on is the Reducio Sock Swap. I have been putting together some information and new guidelines for the next swap. I have also been tracking down the few stragglers. I have made contact with all but one person. I will either be contacting an angel or putting together a package to cover that one this weekend. I will most likely just act as the angel for this round, especially since it is just for one person. Other than that, I plan to visit Hanks to spend my gift certificate, relax, and smell the flowers!