On Thursday, I got my Reducio Sock swap package from my pal! It had two little socks and a little mitten. LB has already claimed the large sock for himself and the small sock for his little brother (for the Christmas tree for “the next Christmas”…something he talks about all the time!). I loved doing this swap. I am currently gathering some information to plan the next swap!

I also got some great news! I won a gift certificate to my favorite yarn store, Hanks! I found a bug on their new site and emailed them. They put my name in a drawing for notifying them. My name got picked! I am trying to decide how to spend it (either on dyes or a sock book, I think).

On Friday, I got my Knit Picks order in. Three skeins of their bare sock yarn (it is not very expensive, so I feel ok about experimenting with it). I also got a 24″ circular in size 2.5mm. I use my 2.5 mm sock needles all the time. I wanted an extra set. I thought it would be handy to have circulars. I think they will work better in the blankie as I add more blocks. These needles will stay with the blankie scraps. I found another use for the little circs (and those scraps), but I will talk about that tomorrow (let’s just say that the Hank’s Friday Five combined with the news that my high school best friend is having a baby girl in July caused me to drop everything and knit something new)!