Hanks is really my downfall sometimes! On Friday, I got an email from my best friend from high school. She is having a girl! I immediately started thinking about little girly knits. Then I looked at the Hanks Friday Five. They had a link to Saartje’s Bootees. How I missed this pattern on Ravelry, I will never figure out! Everyone has knit them. Now I know why! They are easy and super quick. They are about the most darling things ever, too!

I had to finish the first monkey sock immediately, so that I could cast these on (silly self imposed rule…I already have two pairs of socks on the needles). Now that these are done, I can start on the second sock!

They are so tiny! I made the large size, but I think they are really a newborn size (now, I will admit that my babies were both around 8lbs, so they were larger newborns…). I used my blankie scraps. In total, it took about 25 yards of yarn (about 5g…a little more). I started the booties on Friday night. I knit about half of the green portion of the first before bed. I finished the rest of the knitting on the booties on Saturday and seamed them. I didn’t technically finish until Sunday because I had to go buy buttons (I didn’t have buttons tiny enough), but since the knitting portion was completed on Saturday I am considering them done on that day. The only changes that I made to the pattern were to use the cable cast on for the straps, to use a crochet bind off (coolest way to bind off ever!), and to crochet the button hole. Now I need for more people to have babies so that I can make more of these!! I just can’t help myself. I love wee tiny knits!