I love the sock yarn scrap blankie and do blocks nearly every day. I don’t feel like posting about it every day, though. I think I am going to do blankie updates on Wednesdays only.

There are now 15 blocks. There are four new blocks. Block 1 is from Plymouth Sockotta yarn. It was nice to work with, although not too soft. Blocks 2 and 3 are Trekking Pro Natura. I like this yarn. It is very, very skinny yarn. Those two blocks are a bit smaller than the others. The fabric is looser too. I love the yarn. I can tell that it will make socks that are very cool and airy (the bamboo is surprisingly soft, too). Block 4 is Knit Picks Essential. I was really surprised at how soft this yarn was. From the pictures on the Knit Picks website, it looks like it would be scratchy. It really isn’t.

I am participating in a scrap swap, so I should have lots of new scraps to make little squares soon. I am thinking about playing with dye, too. I figure that mistakes will probably be fine as small squares.