There we go…a proper Ravenclaw mini-sock (I don’t know if I have said before, but you can click the picture to see it bigger). I used the Trekking Pro Natura I bought at Hanks. I really like this yarn. It is very fine, but not stringy. It is really soft. The fabric it creates is soft and slightly fuzzy. It has a nice feel. I think that I love it because of the bamboo!

Here is how I did it. I used the Wee Tiny Sock pattern. I knit the cuff as usual with the blue. On the first row of the leg (stockinette), I knit half the stitches in blue. I then dropped the blue yarn, and began knitting in the bronze. I knit all the way around to where I dropped the blue. I then dropped the bronze and picked up the blue (without twisting the yarns). I kept doing that until I had the leg of the sock long enough. I then made sure that I was on a blue round. I knit to the point where I changed yarns. I redistributed the stitches so that I could work the heel flap in blue. I had the yarn change right at the end of that group of heel stitches. I knit the heel flap and turned the heel in blue. I then picked up the stitches on the first side of the gusset in blue. When I got to the top, there was the bronze yarn waiting for me. I dropped the blue, and picked up the bronze. I knit across the instep and picked up the other side of the gusset with the bronze. I then knitted around back to the blue (the color change was now right at the top of the first gusset). I knit the sock as usual, changing yarns each time that I reached that point. I did that until it was time to decrease for the toe. I then cut the bronze yarn, and finished with just the blue. I really love how it turned out! I wish I had taken pictures as I went along. Since I didn’t, you will have to rely on the pictures Grumperina used to demonstrate helix stripes and heel flaps using helix stripes to “see” what I did.

The technique was really cool. I was able to get great stripes with only two extra ends to weave in. The yarn didn’t really tangle (except for the time that I jumped up to grab the drink I almost knocked over dumping both balls onto the floor…that resulted in tangling, but that is unrelated to the knitting technique). I was a little worried for the first couple of rows. The stripes didn’t appear to be spiraling at the yarn change point. It looked like there were funny little jogs in the color. After getting a few more rows in, it suddenly looked right. Kind of amazing and ingenious, really. I am thinking of making DH’s next socks this way (probably they will look like giant versions of this sock). I think it will make the miles of knitting more interesting. I am glad I only used two colors to start. It really helped me to visualize the spirals a little better. Next time, I may add a few more!