Well, the scraps of yarn I got have wasted no time in becoming blocks! The new blocks are from left to right: the green solid block in the top row is Shibui Sock in Wasabi, the blue block in the top row Valley Yarns Franklin in Midnight, the plum block on the bottom row is Claudia Handpainted in Just Plum, and the green/yellow block not yet attached is Schaefer Anne in Luck o’ the Irish (I think). I have to say, I loved knitting with the Shibui Sock and Claudia. They almost feel like the same base yarn. The yarn is soft (although it looks like it wouldn’t be). I was worried that the fabric would not feel soft because the yarn itself is bumpy (not really smooth like Lorna’s). I was wrong…the fabric is very soft on both of those blocks. I am going to have to get some for socks for me! The Franklin and Anne are alright. Franklin turned my hands blue. I didn’t handle it for long, but I still got blue fingers. The yarn itself is soft and colors are pretty, but I am not sure that I want to look like a smurf. Anne has a bit of mohair. I haven’t decided if I like the feel of it or not. The yarn itself was really, really thin. I will have to work with it a bit more before deciding if I love it. I do have to say that the fabric it created was really beautiful and soft.

Getting these scraps has served as little private yarn tasting. So much fun! As I was knitting them, I was thinking about Ravelry and how much it has changed my knitting. Without it, I wouldn’t be knitting socks (tiny or otherwise). I wouldn’t be knitting this blankie. I wouldn’t know about all these wonderful yarns. I would probably still be knitting acrylic toys and dishcloths only! Amazing!

I did all those blocks last night. I have also started DH’s second sock (actually started the other day). I am a few inches into the leg. I honestly think that his gigantic sock is what is driving me to knit teeny tiny things. You knit and knit and knit on that sock and you seem to make no progress!

Well, I better get ready for work. I called in sick for the morning. After MIL got here to take care of the kids, I went back to bed. I then took a really long shower, and played on the internet some. Now I am feeling much better and ready to face work. I knew that if I could just get a little more sleep, I would feel a ton better. It worked. Sleep is a wonderful cure!