DH was sick last week. This week, I am sick. So are my boys. It is not fun! The cold has addled my brain. The cold medicine doesn’t help with the ability to concentrate (although it does help with the other yucky symptoms). Despite that, I managed to get the pals for the Reducio Sock swap sent out yesterday. I was suprised at how easy it was to match people up and get the pals sent out. I even finished the mini-sock for my pal (although I am not sure I love it…the striping came out a bit weird). What do you think? Does it say “Ravenclaw movie colors” or not? I may do a second sock. I am thinking about experimenting with the helix stripes that Grumperina demonstrated on her blog. I haven’t decided yet, but I probably will do it. Worst thing that could happen is that it doesn’t work out and needs to be frogged. Not a great tragedy, really.
The striping of the yarn (this is the Regia Stretch in the tiny sock above) came out better on the little block that I added to the blankie. That was the reason I decided to do the little sock in that yarn. The block does look very “Ravenclaw movie colors” to me. Notice the blue theme going on! That isn’t intentional. I just have a lot of blue yarn thanks to living in a house with three boys (that includes DH…he tends to be the biggest kid of all). I am knitting DH’s big socks out of this same yarn. Of course, they are so huge that the striping is all tiny!

I also managed to finish one of DH’s big socks! This thing is huge. If he ever needs proof of my love, he should just look at how much plain knitting went into these things! This sock is so big, that it didn’t fit on my usual backdrop (the inside of a large box lid…makes a great white background/lightbox). I am not in love with the feel of this yarn. I hope it softens up in the wash (I am sure that it will or I would not keep knitting with it).

One thing that made me feel much better…I got yarn in the mail today!! I got some yarn scraps from ibunnysavetroy on Ravelry! Such pretty stuff! She also sent me a sample of her handspun. All that pretty yarn (and the thought of having yarn for more wee tiny things) really helped me feel better. That and the homemade from scratch chicken noodle soup DH made (sorry, no pic of that…it doesn’t look pretty, but it tastes fantastic)!