The madness continues. I absolutely had to figure out what kind of scraps I needed for mini-socks and mini-blocks. I just had to. Why, so I can figure out what size scraps are good for each (and how much I need to leave from each skein to make one of each…or how much will be left in a full skein if I make one of each).

That means I have to knit one of each, right? Last night, I measured what I had left of the Lorna’s Bucks Bar. I had a little over 41 yards. I then knit a Wee Tiny Sock. I measured again. Now I had about 30 yards. So Wee Tiny Socks take about 11 yards of sock yarn. Madness, I tell you. Here is proof. Exhibit A:

Then, I knit a wee little block for the sock yarn blankie. Then I measured again. It took about 7.5 yards. I have 22.5 yards of Buck’s Bar left. (If this were a math quiz, I would then ask you how many socks and blocks I can get out of this yarn, but it isn’t…and I plan to trade these for other scraps anyway…yes, that is what I have been reduced to).

Exhibit B:

Yes, both were knit last night (a wee tiny sock takes 1hour 45 minutes…a wee tiny block takes about 25 minutes). I just had to know. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Another sock yarn scrap/Wee Tiny Sock knitter on Ravelry called both of these the “crack” of the knitting world. She wasn’t kidding. Please don’t stage an intervention. It won’t work. I don’t really want help. I haven’t hit rock bottom. When I start holding up LYSs, then maybe…

On other knitting madness news, I am getting another skein of the Regia Stretch that is going into DH’s big socks. I realized that two skeins was not enough to make two big sized 13 socks. Well, it might be enough, but I don’t want to risk it (and I want leftovers….bet you can’t guess why). I managed to find a skein with the same dye lot on Ravelry. Yay! If I assign myself a Ravenclaw in the “Reducio Sock” swap, I might be forced to knit a mini-sock out of it for that. The yarn looks like Ravenclaw movie colors (silver, blues, and black). All my sock yarn purchases have fit that general theme lately (Ravenclaw colors, I mean).

I am also ordering another set of 2.50mm Knit Picks metal dpns today. I want to have a set just for little blocks since it is a size I love for socks too. Right now, I am using my bamboo needles, but I really prefer a sharp point and slick surface. Ok, maybe this shouldn’t be under the heading of “other knitting madness news”. It kind of seems like the same knitting madness, doesn’t it. Oh well!