In the next day or so, I am going to be changing how comments are managed on this blog. I have been using Blogger’s comments, but I am getting very frustrated with it. Several of you have left lovely comments, but I cannot respond to them (by email or by locating a blog). For example, Deborah has left nice comments, but I can’t send an email or click on her name to find her blog. I read several blogs by Deborahs, I know several Deborahs on Ravelry, and I even know a few in person. I would like to respond to those nice comments either by email or on her blog, but I can’t through Blogger! Very frustrating. By the way, Deborah…thank you for the lovely comments!

As a result, I am switching to Haloscan for comments. I am not sure if the transition will be smooth or not. Please bear with me. Also, let me know if you notice anything wonky so that I can get it fixed!

Editted to add: I know that all the old comments appear to have disappeared (that is kind of a funny sentence). I am trying to get the old comments imported to the new system. It may take me a bit. Let me know if there are problems leaving new comments or if there are any issues with viewing, etc.