Well, I have a confession to make. I am totally addicted to knitting very tiny things. It started with the Wee Tiny Sock. That sock was so darned cute. I have had to restrain myself from knitting dozens with no apparent purpose! The Wee Tiny Sock Swap inspired me to start a swap for little mini-socks in Hogwarts House colors on Ravelry called “Reducio Sock”. It is so much fun. I have been tempted to buy yarn in all house colors and knit up a bunch. I am restraining myself (for now).

Now the mini-knit obession has spilled into a new arena. I was surfing around Ravelry, and saw a sock yarn scrap blanket. I remember seeing it on Yarn Harlot’s blog, but hadn’t really paid attention (I thought it was little granny squares). I looked at a few projects and realized that it was really tiny mitered squares. Suddenly, I had to do the blankie. It is made up of itsy bitsy knitsies! The instructions are on Shelly Kang’s blog. They are really simple. The two blocks that I have completed took very little yarn and very little time. It took all I had to put them down and go to bed. I wanted to stay up all night and knit little squares. Mind you, I don’t have that many scraps. Now I am planning socks just so that I can use the scraps for tiny socks and squares!!

About the two blocks pictured…the block on the right is leftovers from the Lorna’s Laces Argyle that I used for LB and CB’s first socks. Since it was my first sock yarn and was used in the first socks I ever knit, I also made my first block out of it. The block on the left is the absolute last of the Regia Cotton Surf Colors that I used for socks for LB and a Zen sock. I only have less than 12 inches of the yarn left now. It will go outside for birds’ nests. Next up, the leftovers from my Valentine’s gift…the Lorna’s in Bucks Bar (by the way, Patricia…the anklets are made from the same yarn as your Wee Tiny Sock…the one that started this sad addiction).

Well, that is my confession. It isn’t the first step to recovery in my case, as all it made me want to do is go see if I can find more scraps somewhere!