All week, I had big plans to stop at Hanks. When we went to the ENT on Wednesday, I had planned to slip over on the way home. Unfortunately, I spent all day running around between the ENT’s office and the Surgical Center. The doctor took one look at LB’s ear and said that they only safe way to remove the bead was under general anesthesia. Not a procedure that can be done in the office. That meant all kinds of tests and pre-registration. Knowing that I was exhausted and returning the next day for the actual procedure, I figured I would go on Thursday. On Thursday, they did the procedure. I planned to go by Hanks afterwards, but LB was a bit too unsteady from the anesthesia (although he is now “beadless” and none the worse for the wear). I decided to wait to the weekend.

I finally made it there on Saturday. They had Trekking Pro Natura. I have been dying for some! I wanted a good, solid bamboo yarn to do socks for DH. They just happened to have some in good, manly colors. I got a skein of blue and of brown (I deserved a reward after my week). They are so lovely and soft. I have had to pull them out to pet them several times. I can’t wait to knit them up, but I have another pair on the needles now. I will probably knit the new yarn up next month.