I finished my lace heart anklet socks today! I should have finished them on Saturday night. I had big plans. DH was going to a party. Both kids were tired and were on track for an on-time bedtime. I was going to get oodles of knitting time. As I was getting Critter settled, I noticed Little Bug messing with his ear. I questioned him about it. He finally confessed…he had put a bead in his ear. It was completely lodged very deep in his ear. I called DH and asked him to come home. I ended up with Little Bug in the ER for four hours. The bead is still there after everything. He has a doctor’s appointment with a specialist on Wednesday morning. Hopefully, they will be able to remove the bead without too much trauma. Needless to say, not much knitting got done over the weekend.

Anyway, the socks are great. They are on my feet now. We are having a slight cold snap, so warm socks are really great.
Tonight, LB and I wound some of the Regia Stretch that I got the other day into a center pull ball. I am getting ready to cast on some socks for DH. I am just not sure what I want to do (pattern or just a plain sock). He has size 12 feet. That is a lot of plain stockinette! I will have to decide in the next hour or so. Using my ball winder and swift was fun! So quick! It was also a great distraction for LB.