The mail lady is my new best friend!! She brought me so much great stuff today…surely she must love me! First up…two skeins of Regia Stretch. It is in blues, grey, and black. Perfect for my boys (or maybe DH…just need to try to figure out how many yards it will take to cover his big old feet). This yarn is soft and stretchy! I can’t wait to work with it.
Next up is some Plymouth Sockotta yarn. It is also in blues (I am the only female in my household…we have lots of blue). This will also become socks for the boys or DH. I got this yarn and the Regia from Ravelry member KnittyMcSnuggler!
Finally, the first installment for the Nefarious Yarn Club arrived! It is the Hannibal Lector colorway (can’t imagine the hits I will get from this one). It is inspired by his leather mask. It has some really cool red flecks (they look shockingly like blood in some places). The base yarn is a Merino/Silk blend. It is so soft. Little Bug immediately said, “Make me socks from this, Mama!” I had to tell him that this yarn wasn’t for him. It will either become socks for me or DH. Probably me. I am not sure he fully appreciates silk. It came with a neat little stitch marker (a Hannibal Lector stitch marker) and a Nefarious Yarn Club sticker. I can’t wait to begin working with this!

BTW-the photos are so true to the colors of the yarn. I can’t say enough good stuff about my new camera!! I can’t wait until Critter starts sleeping again so that I have a bit of energy to play with my camera. I fully planned to play with it this weekend, but I ended up napping with him (we are in “sleep when the baby sleeps because it isn’t often enough” mode right now). He is teething. Poor little critter!