I have been knitting like the wind for the last week or so. I think it is the new Knit Picks needles. I love the slick metal. I knit much faster with them. I have finished several things in very short period of time. First up, the Wee Tiny Sock for my pal, Pischi. This is knit with Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in Buck’s Bar colorway. This is the leftover from my Valentine’s Socks.
I put the quarter in to show scale. The sock is so little and cute! Next up, the socks for Little Bug made out of the Regia. They are a little bit big, but probably won’t be for long. After finishing the first sock, I had LB try it on. I discovered that I had mismeasured. The foot was too short. I knit the second sock, and then went back and frogged the toe of the first and reknit it. I was pretty scared since it was the first time I had pulled something off of the needles and pulled back that far. I didn’t drop any stitches, and you can’t even tell.

I took what was left of that yarn, and I knit a little “sock” for my Zen MP3 player. It only took about two hours. I will post more about it in a day or two. I have been without a camera since the weekend. I decided to sell my camera, and buy a new one. My old camera was a Kodak Easyshare DX6490. I loved it, but I never carried it around. It was big and heavy. It had manual settings, but I never learned to use them. I always said I would, but never had the time. I decided I needed a small camera that I could throw in my purse. I also wanted it to be a simple point and shoot. I decided to get a Canon Powershot SD850 IS Elph. It should be arriving tomorrow. I will then take pictures of the Zen sock.
I also started some Lace Heart Anklets (Ravelry link). I knit the whole first sock. I was getting ready to Kitchener the toe when I decided that I would try it on. It was too small. I checked my gauge. I was getting 10 sts/in with size 1s (2.25 mm). I need to get 8 sts/in. I frogged the whole thing and started over with size 2s. My confession is that I only frogged after asking numerous people their shoe size. If they had fit someone else, I would have just knit the second sock and given them away. I will post pictures of these in progress when I get my new camera.