Surf Colors Sock
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I gave Little Bug his gnome last night. He has been dubbed “Gnomie”. LB was so excited. Gnomie was his “baby” while Mommy took care of CB. Gnomie got to play in the Jumperoo, then he was “swaddled” and put in the bouncy seat. LB loves him.

I started new socks for LB yesterday using the Regia. I love, love, love this yarn. I expected it to feel like dishcloth cotton. It doesn’t. It is softer (although not as soft as just wool would be). What I really love is the striping and coloring of the yarn. I was fascinated by it! I just couldn’t put it down. I cast on yesterday. The photo was taken last night (heel flap is done and heel is ready to be turned). This morning, I couldn’t help myself. I turned the heel! I used the Heels By The Numbers page to do the “Rounder Heel”. I like the look of that heel better. I think I will use it more.

I was a little worried about doing a heel flap and gusset with the striping yarn. I was worried it would look funny. I decided just to relax and do it. It is going to be in LB’s shoes most of the time anyway. I really like how it is coming out. It interrupted the striping pattern a little bit, but you can’t tell (unless you are a bit OCD like I am…rest assured that LB is not).

BTW-the needle caps are new. I made them just like the others, but put a few beads on them. I really like how they turned out!

More exciting news, I have joined a swap! It is the Wee Tiny Sock Swap. It seems easy and low-key. Just my kind of fun! I will probably make my wee tiny sock out of the scraps from my Valentine’s socks or the boys’ socks depending on color preference of my swap partner!