Use number one is obviously for socks! I finished the first of my Valentine’s socks on Wednesday. Today was the first day I was able to take a picture in daylight. I still don’t think that the picture does the colors of the yarn justice. The colors are so beautiful! This yarn is the reason that my first Alan Dart Yuletide Gnome is still in pieces. I love the yarn and have been knitting on the socks instead of working on any other project. I was going to take photos of the gnome, but I felt he might not be happy with me (sort of embarrassing being in pieces like that). I just have to finish the seaming and stuffing on one arm and the hat. After that I will just need to sew all the limbs, beard, nose, and hat onto the gnome. I should have pictures of him by the end of the weekend.

And now for use number two… birds’ nests. Today, I had the day off, so Little Bug and I gathered all my very small yarn scraps. We took them out and hung them up on the holly tree in the yard. A few little birds have already taken a couple of the scraps for their nests. LB is really excited that he gets to “help” the birds build their nests. Even if the birds don’t take all the scraps, they look really neat on the tree. They seem like spring ornaments.