Today is my birthday. We celebrated my birthday over the weekend because I had court today. Here are some of my gifts. First up, a suncatcher made by Little Bug (I had planned on using Photoshop to take out some of the distracting background, but I am having a software issue with PS). Some of the paint is glittery!

Today, I got a “book” he made with Grandma (MIL…she keeps him while I work). It is the “story” of the making of the suncatcher. It is so cute!

Finally, some flowers picked out by Little Bug and arranged by him. He is so cute!

In addition to these gifts, I also got some knitting related gifts. DH gave me $50 to buy whatever I wanted. I ordered this set of the sock needles from Knit Picks. The rest will be spent at Hanks. I will probably spend a bit more than $50 total, but that is ok (I think DH expects that). My mom got me a swift and ball winder set from Paradise Fibers. I am really excited to be able to bring yarn home in the hank and wind it when I need it! Does that make me really geeky? Not that it matters…