I finished Critter Bug’s socks last night. They only took me a week and a half. When I finished the first one, the sock fit perfectly. Like a little, bitty glove. This morning, both socks just barely fit. Critter has been eating like crazy. He is growing so quickly. The socks won’t fit him in another week or so. Not only that, but Little Bug’s socks just barely fit him too. He has been eating like a little horse. Turns out he is growing too! So the big lesson is that I need to knit them socks that are a bit big for them so that they can wear them for longer than it took me to knit them!

I also began my own socks. I am knitting them with the yarn that I got for Valentine’s Day from DH (Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in Buck’s Bar colorway). The yarn is so beautiful! It was pretty in the hank and pretty in the ball, but that was nothing compared to how it is knitting up. I can’t get a picture that does it justice. It looks like a watercolor done by an impressionist painter knitted up. It was raining all day, so it was dark a bit early. I hope that I can get a daylight picture in the next few days so that I can show off how it really looks. The blues, greens, and purples are so pretty. The grey color really shows off how pretty they are. The only disappointment I have is that I am knitting these socks on bamboo needles. The boys’ socks were knit on Addi nickle plated needles. I love them, but they are only 4 inches long. I needed longer needles to knit my socks since they have more stitches. I love bamboo needles in larger sizes. They are warm and beautiful. In this small size, they are super flexible. I am constantly afraid that I am going to break them. I don’t like the flexibility. I think that my next purchase will be some 6 inch metal sock needles!